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Sometimes I feel like... walking out!

I can't believe I paid $50 for that piece of crap that Deep Purple called a concert. It had to be the worst performance that I've ever seen! Everybody on stage seemed to be doing their own thing. They seemed to have no idea what the other guys were doing. They didn't seem to care either.

Ian's voice totally sucked. He'd be better off talking through the lyrics, which he had to do for most of the high notes. The guitar seemed out of tune at times, the band was not charismatic at all. They did not pump up the crowd.

The icing on the cake was the keyboard solo. Give me a break!! Why not have a bass solo, that gets the crowd going. That's when I walked out.

If it weren't for Dio and The Scorpions the night would have been a total waste. Maybe Deep Purple should consider opening the show and letting The Scorpions close. Obviously this is a 'for the money' tour.

I'm sure this review won't be printed.

George Dionne

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