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Baba Who'Reily

Dio - what can I say? The man's voice is the same as it was 20 years ago. His sound system was loud and crisp. He got a standing ovation after his set and he was better than the Scorpions.

Scorpions - good but I'm not their biggest fan. My favorite songs were Still Loving You, Dynamite, Blackout and some extra crunchy instrumental that kicked ass.

Deep Purple - it was definately a Purple crowd tonight. I've read other reviews from other shows and was worried that people would leave after the Scorps. Everybody stayed. The show was the same set as all the others. Ian's voice was stupendous. Paicey had the best drum solo and the crowd was totally into it.

My only problem with the show was Don. I'm sorry, he is not the guy. When trading solos with Steve he was alwalys late and never really changed his style to suit the Purple sound. His solos were boring and I felt bad for him. It really didn't matter though because the rest of the band were tight. Roger had an excellent bass solo and it was loud.

It still amazes me that Ian's voice, no matter how old or tired he may be, can still pull off Speed King. I've seen many shows when Ian's voice has been sub par, but as soon as Speed King starts he's right on.

There was a nice surprise when they played a few chords of Baba O'Reily and Cant Explain in tribute to the greatest bass player that ever lived. They didn't say anything, they just played it. The crowd loved it and I think everyone wanted to here a full Baba O'Reily.

I hope next year they tour alone and play smaller venues and jam continually. I also hope they have a different keyboard player.

Maynard Benson

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