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Quiet reviewer inspired to sing better

It was a great show last night. The band was tight as ever, all previous reports of how well they played and how tight they are were validated last night. The set list was about the same as what others have posted recently, so I won't be redundant. I do have a few things to say about it,though.

I was a little worried reading the Texas reviews about the audiences being chilly to DP. I think the Scorpions are a much more commercial band, so in some areas they might draw people who want all riffy anthems and special effects and that ain't DP. That's no slam on the Scorps, either - they do what they do very well.

Anyway, the crowd was very nice to DP, and the band deserved it. The shed was about half to three quarters full and the lawn was half full. I was one of those who got shifted from the original venue so had automatic lawn seats. Who cares - it was a beautiful night and I brought my binoculars. In person, Jon Lord looks a lot like Don Airey. :-)

Oh, they played a mini-mini riff raff of snippets of the Who in honor of John Entwistle - nice touch, guys.

Surprises & Minor Disappointment:

Surprise 1: I really liked Dio. I mean, I've always loved RJD's voice, I just didn't like the studio material from the band Dio. But they're very appealing live. I would see them again on their own bill.

Surprise 2: I love Well Dressed Guitar! I expected it to be an amphetamine billion note a minute guitar gymnastics meet, which is cool if done well, but this song was different. Almost classical in tone, it jumps and hops and rocks all at the same time. Damn.

Ian Gillan sounds better live now than he does on live albums from the 70s. I used to complain bitterly that DP hardly ever toured America in some of my best concert going years, and now I've seen them five times in the past six years, and Ian Gillan's voice gets better at every show. He inspires me to keep singing but it depresses me that I'll never sing a tenth as well as Ian. What a voice.

Steve and Don - I mean Jon - kicked ass during Speed King. And Ian Paice is bionic. No mere mortal could do those things on drums. A human doing a one-hand drum roll? Does he think we're complete morons? Anyway, I have proof, so he'll soon be exposed as the superhuman cyborg that he is.

Smoke On The Water just never gets old. What is it about that song?

I left before the Scorpions (I would like to have stayed but could not). I think I was the only one. Those guys sure are popular.

The venue was beautiful.

Some guy standing next to me says before Purple, “I wonder what they'll open with.”

Says I, “I'm thinking Fireball.”

He said, “Fireball? That's a cool tune! You think they'll play that?”

Me: “I think they'll open with it.”

Him: “Wow. I can't wait to see Ritchie Blackmore.”

Me: “Um, I don't think you're going to see him tonight.”

This kind of stuff goes on for awhile and then I think his friends started asking questions. I was giving a little seminar. It was hilarious. Then someone (almost suspiciously) said, “How come you know so much about the band??”

I said, “I check out their website sometimes.” :-)

Not to be missed. Nice solos, Rog. Now I have to quit playing bass, too...

Brad DeMoranville

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