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Youth gone wild

This was my first time seeing Deep Purple, Dio and The Scorpions, and I was really excited to see this show. I'm only 15 years old, and with parents who have been huge fans of Deep Purple since they were kids, I grew up listening to DP as well. I have loved them for as long as I can remember.

We got to Meadowbrook an hour early and were second in line. We had lawn seats which wasn't very pleasing. We sat up on the lawn during Dio. They played an awesome set! I haven't really heard much by them before, but I was amazed. During their first song the sound went out, but they got it fixed and continued on. Each song they played had an amazing vibe. The crowd was really into them. Overall, Dio blew me away.

After Dio's set, we moved down toward the stage so we had a better view. Deep Purple came on soon after Dio. The crowd was going wild for them. I was so into their set. It was incredible! Ian Gillan has such an amazing voice. He hit every note perfectly and interacted with the crowd. Steve Morse is such an amazing guitarist. His solos blew me out of the water. Steve you rock!

Roger Glover was also great! I wasn't familiar with Don Airey before, but right on into the first few songs he was rocking hard. Ian Paice pulled off an amazing drum solo. The crowd cheered him on as he pounded away. The set was great. I was so pleased with them. I would definitely go see them anytime I have the chance.

After Deep Purple's set, my sister, parents and I were standing over by the gate by the busses because some guy told us Dio was just over there signing. We stuck around hoping that Deep Purple would come sign some stuff. Sure enough here comes Steve Morse! There weren't many people standing by the gate so I got right up there for my autograph. I told him that that show was amazing. He was so happy to hear it. He talked to me for a good few minutes. I think since I'm so young, he was happy that I loved the show. It made my night that he stood there and talked to me for as long as he did.

Next out was Ian Paice. He signed everyone's things and talked to everyone. He was awesome. Next was Don Airey, he stayed out and talked to everyone and signed everything also. What a great guy! Next was Roger Glover, he was totally awesome. My mom talked to him for a while. I told him he was amazing and he said something to me along the lines of "It's all about happiness and joy in the world". That was truely great of him to say.

My mom asked him for a pick and he gave her one. I also got a pick along with my dad and sister. We were all so stoked to meet such an inspirational band. Unfortunately Ian Gillan never came out to sign, what a bummer! I was very thankful of all of the guys to take time out and come sign and talk to us. Thanks guys! You're awesome! Keep rockin' hard.

The Scorpions pulled off a great set and rocked the house. The crowd was very into them and loving every minute of it. All three bands blew me away. It was well worth seeing and I'd see them again anytime.

Ashley Adams

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