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I first saw Deep Purple in 1974 and then again in 1987. When I saw them last night I had forgotten how great they are - and age has not slowed them down.

Since this was my first time seeing them with Steve Morse, I listened carefully to his guitar solo's and he was excellent. I also knew that the addition of Don Airey would be perfect - he is the best person to replace Jon Lord.

Roger Glover was in top form and it's always great to watch Ian Paice do a drum solo. Ian Gillan - all I can say is "wow". He handled the songs very well and had a real good time with his congas, tamborine and harmonica.

All in all it was well worth waiting for and money well spent. I highly recommend this for any Deep Purple fan. Next time they should bring along Uriah Heep...

Bill McCue
Deep Purple fan since 1968

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