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Teenage praise

My name is Tawny Lohr and I am 12 years old. My dad took me to my first rock concert on the 28th to see Deep Purple.

The group was great. I have been hearing them all my life and when I saw them that night my dad and I had an excellent time. The music was loud, but we brought ear plugs. Ian still sang great but he was tired at the end when Highway Star came on because he was having problems hitting the high notes.

I wish they had some longer solos like some of the live albums of Deep Purple I have heard. The band seemed like they were having a fun time on stage. I hope they will come back around and stay longer playing.

We left after they were done because we were afraid the Scorpions crowd would be too crazy.

You guys should come back so we can see you again. Keep up the good work

Tawny Lohr

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