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Anthemic smokin'

We tried to get to Concord on time, as Dio comes on as scheduled. We made it there to hear Rainbow In The Dark, which was his last song. So, off to the booze booths to keep the ethanol buzz going. After getting the max amount of rum, we headed to our 10th row seats.

Out comes the globe-trotting, totally dedicated to rocking-for-decades - Deep Purple. What a thrill to see my heroes again. Ian Gillan, looking fit, and his voice in top form, started wailing out Fireball. The sound system was excellent, and the crowd was exuberant. It takes a gung-ho crowd to make a concert great, and The Bay Area partiers were ready to rock-out.

I can't remember the whole setlist (way too much liquor), but I do know they played all my favorites including Lazy, Space Truckin', and Don Airey did quite well considering whose boots he had to fill. He did a cool solo, then I think they went into Knocking At Your Back Door.

I know I sound addled, but man it was loud, fierce, intense, and just plain bitching. That's what it's all about. Seeing/hearing rock legends do what they do best in your own back yard. I gotta hand it to Steve Morse for nailing the lead guitar solo on Zep's Whole Lotta Love. Most cool.

Perfect Strangers was my wife's favorite song, and because of that one song, she's going with me for tomorrow's Purple concert at Konocti Harbor, on Clear Lake. I was lucky enough to get second row tickets, so DP can expect a huge bud as a token (pun intended) of our appreciation. We saw them at their first show in 'Vegas on this tour, and they might remember us tossing joints on stage. :-) I got one of Steve's picks, so I think that was a fair trade!

So the band keeps wailing, now going into Speed King, and Ian's voice is just super. What a gift from the heavens, and he never lets up. Don't they ever rest? They finished their awesome display with Britain's national anthem Smoke On The Water, and the epic masterpiece Highway Star. Folks, it just doesn't get any better than this. I was/am completely stoked, and I am ready-in a big way to do it again tomorrow - eeeeaaaooouuwww!

As for the Scorps, they are really entertaining, definitely a bonus to this tour. I especially liked the sugar bottle the drummer smashed on his head. Pure fun, what a terrific time for all.

See you at Clear Lake, and if I can swing it, maybe Devore also. Look for my The Highway Star t-shirt that I'm so proud of, and the fat buds being tossed on stage! Just say yes- to Deep Purple

Greg Patchick

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