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No Purple formulary

Deep Purple are a treasure to the rock world. No disrespect to Ronnie James and The Scorpions - but Deep Purple are a creative force that few others can master. No formula driven rock here - Deep Purple are the real deal. The music has color, depth, passion and power. Kudos to the band for not losing its way despite the many changes in its line-up.

The boys were in fine form on this beautiful evening working their magic on a crowd that seemed very 'unpurplelike'. They came on stage without much fanfare (of course I was up screaming my respects to these rock gods) and ripped into Fireball. As familiar a Deep Purple tune to me it was obviously almost totally unknown to the crowd.

The boys then proceeded to give the crowd a lesson in rock history as you could feel the crowd collectively growing in enthusiasm as they touched on their next number, Woman From Tokyo. The lads were beginning to feel the love and from that point on you could feel the energy growing on both sides of the stage. By the time they reached Smoke On The Water the crowd was absorbed and screaming for more.

The perfect touch for an encore was the familiarity of Hush and Highway Star. The boys pulled it off like the true legends they are - thumps up.

See you guys on July 31st. And, one last thing - get your asses in the studio and get that next gem mastered, pressed and released before I turn fifty.

Victor Martinez

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