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Ready for much more

I drove from Muncie IN to Columbus OH for the second year in a row to see Deep Purple. This was alot better match up than last year. I never understood matching them with Skynyrd.

This was a great show from start to finish. All three bands had a strong following last night - you can tell from the t-shirts and comments that you overhear. Dio was good. This was a good start that was going to just keep going. You could tell that the Dio show would have been something had he had more time and a lot less daylight.

The Scorpions were great. I have seen them before. They are a in your face heavy metal force that is always great to see.

Deep Purple has always been a very special band to me and they did not let me down last night. The songs they played was a fantastic selection. Ian Paice is a show in its self. I think that guy is great! Gillan and Glover had my attention a lot as well. Glover had a great bass solo and Gillan sounded great as usual. I love when he shows his Edgar Winter influence like he was doing towards the end of the show.

I have finally become a Steve Morse fan. I have fought this for a long time. If it is not Blackmore, screw it, was my opion when it came to Deep Purple. Not that I don't still think Ritchie is the greatest, but Morse has won me over as a fan. His playing was fantastic.

Don was a nice surprise as well. I wasn't sure how I was going to handle no Jon Lord, but all was well.

Deep Purple, you are one of the greats from a while ago and I think you are starting to get introduced to a younger generation in the USA again. Keep coming back to see us over here. From the comments and response I heard last night, we are ready for much more!

Greg Meelton

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