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A sporting surprise

I have witnessed Deep Purple again for the third time in four years at DTE (formally Pine Knob), and one thing that never ceases to amaze me is the diversity in the set lists from tour to tour. I have every album in my collection, and the tunes vary as much on the live recordings as they do each time I see them.

Fortunately, Deep Purple never disappoints me. The show was every bit as powerful as any album I have. The fact that they went on before the Scorpions was a little depressing. I would have preferred a longer set. Purple played for around an hour and ten minutes. Due to time constraints, some things were obviously omitted. One thing I missed was Steve's intro to Smoke On The Water. Also missing was Ian P's drum solo from Speed King. Don did perform a keyboard solo as an intro to Perfect Strangers.

All five Purple players were rock solid with their timing and talent. Big Ian's voice was a tad constrained and with the constant touring schedule they keep up, who could blame him. Don Airey played very well. Jon Lord will be sorely missed, and no one could every replace him, but Don did a wonderful job of filling in. In time, Don will fit like a glove and seal the huge gap left by Jon's retiring.

One of the most welcome surprise of the evening was Well Dressed Guitar from the forthcoming record. I'm anxiously awaiting the release so I can wear out my CD player in my car with it! Also surprising was Steve's little addition of the sports anthem Rock And Roll Part II to the solo from Black Night. Whether he did it because of the Detroit Red Wings playing in the Stanley Cup finals at the same time remains to be determined, but it was met with wild cheers just the same.

Somewhat ironic was Dio's opening for Purple. Ronnie James Dio is such a huge talent as a singer, but the irony lie in the fact that both Ronnie and Gillan took turns singing for Black Sabbath, as well as having to endure Blackmore for many years! Still, it was great seeing him again. Over all, it was an awesome concert with very little to complain about!

Set List:
1. Fireball
2. Woman From Tokayo
3. Ted The Mechanic
4. Lazy
5. Well Dressed Guitar (new instrumental)
6. Knockin At Your Back Door
7. Black Night
8. Don Airey solo
9. Perfect Strangers
10. Speed King
11. Smoke On The Water

12. Hush
13. Highway Star

Paul Steinmayer

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