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Cute little man on bass

My first time seeing Deep Purple. And wow, they sure are excellent. I was so impressed with the awesome music...there's something divine in it. I'm 37 years old so I've known the music for a long time, just I've never known what they were really like. And it's like they never stopped playing, their skill is so handsome, oh my, they are absolutely excellent.

What I didn't get was why were they not the last band? The band Scorpions is not very good. I mean, there is such a fakeness about them and their music is really quite boring. Nothing truly inspirational about them. And Dio, oh maan, is way better than the Scropians. I think the running order should have been The Scorpions; Dio and Deep Purple. Now that to me makes sense. I mean what kind of stupid line up was that they made for us in the DTE Music Theatre? Just senseless. Well, I'm so glad that I didn't miss seeing any of it. Now I know where awesome music can be found and I'm going to go purchase some Deep Purple music.

The show was just excellent. And that lead singer, god what a beautiful voice! I like the way he goes bare foot on stage and wears that all white outfit. He's got this really cool, totally artistic musicwise way of moving. Really graceful. And then the way that he slowly worked up the pounding on the bongs whell that was like watching a master artist of music. Like a group of angels came out of the sky and played some music, some messages for us. I was entranced by the awesome mysterious sounds, the way the music was going at one pace and the singer was singing at another pace and they were totally in balance haha, like some backwards sounding music, like something from out of a movie featuring the greatest of evil theme. The level of skill to bring all those sounds together, oh my gawd I was only dreaming of that becoming a reality, in fact I thought that it may have to take double instruments to create it, but no! It's a matter of just hard earned skill.

I like how the lead singer keeps his musicians in line too hahaha. I was observing the guitarist with the long blond hair in comunicato with those people in the front and he was really beginning to go off into his own glorious world and I was getting a kick out of it... I was sitting in row KK seat 42, so I had a nice view of everything going on. Even I was beginning to lose scope of the whole band by watching that one guitarist get immersed in the crowd when suddenly like a master along comes the lead singer and grabs the guitarist around his shoulders and they're head to head...it brought the guitarist right back to reality.

I like that cute little man with the other guitar too, the one who had a bandana on his head. He seemed very experienced and held the whole crowd in excellent control with a gentle kind of beauty. The drummer, damn, that was the most beautiful solo I have ever experienced. He actually made his beat sound musical. Whereas many others in the past have only turned out sounding stupid and seeming ridiculous for the fact that they couldn't make their drums beat out music, only noise. This guy though, he has it. It was most impressive. Just beautiful. I was wrapped into a world of fascinating and complex musical sound. And that synthesizer man oh my gawd, that was so wild the sounds he could pull out of that hat.

I only wish that I could have met and talked with the band. Just to be around them and soak in what they're all about. Like how do they get so good? How do they practise? How often? How long? Is it like a concert when they practise or is it something else? It would be just beautiful to sit down and have a few drinks with them in company. What do you read? What do you think about inside your minds? What kind of experiences, what kind of focus do you have? My! What beautiful musicians - it's so marvellous to hear excellence.

Belialith Zalil

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