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Definitely worth the money

I had some reservations about going to this show. When Purple rolled into town last year opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd they seemed to get pimped on everything from the volume to the sets. Skynyrd just seemed to be the headliner hands down. It was something I was not used to from Purple, and did not like it. But like a loyal fan I bought my tickets this time around and headed to the show.

This show was a hard sell as everyone it seemed in the metro-Detroit area was heading downtown before they closed the city because of the Red Wings winning the Stanley Cup. When I arrived about an hour before the start there was maybe 200 cars in the parking lot. As soon as Dio started kicking ass people flooded in though. In all I would say about 5000 people took in the show (which was a way small crowd, DTE normally sells out every show in the summer). Those who didn't go missed an awesome show.

How good was Dio? So good I bought the new album today [Guess Purple could have sold a few new ones too if they'd had any... Rasmus], my first since Dream Evil. Dio ripped through there set ending with the one-two punch of Heaven And Hell and Rainbow In The Dark. The former had a cool effect in it where they cast RJD's face in the deep red light - sweet. I will definitely will check out their future shows.

When Puple hit the stage all my fears were put to rest. I had never heard them play this tight, crunchy, and loud. They were definitely on fire. I won't bore you by telling how awesome everyone was but I will give you thoughts that sprang to mind.

Roger really was really impressive, and hit notes that kept things interesting. Don Airey has a choppy style and laid real heavy on the B-3. The band also changed up the arrangements on some of the songs and also the endings which made the tunes seem fresh. Man, this was one of the best shows I have been to since I started going to Purple shows in 1987. Didn't stay for the Scorps as I recently had surgery and was not feeling well. But I definitely got my money's worth.

Biggest complaints: No programs for sale, and $50 for a t-shirt? Bottom line: This show should have been taped. This would be a great bootleg show, if I supported that sort of thing...

Jason Jones

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