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Looking forward to the new album

Dio started the show. The set was pretty good with the highlight being the medley Man On The Silver Mountain / Long Live Rock'n'Roll. It was nice to see two members by Rainbow (Dio and J.Bain) played together. Like others have said in previous reviews, the drum solo was too long and not very impressive.

Scorpions did a great job. No surprise here. The musicians were great, the set perfect. Great show.

Deep Purple's show was much better than last year (Oklahoma City 2001). This time the weather was much nicer and Ian Gillan didn't look ill.

A few differences between this set list and the previous ones:
- Black Night has been dropped in favor of Space Truckin'.
- An unexpected but pleasant version of Roy Orbison's Dream Baby during Speed King.
- The Who tribute was dropped. The intro to Smoke On The Water was Sweet Home Alabama and the solo from Stairway To Heaven.

A special mention to Steve Morse for his excellent work on Well Dressed Guitar and to Ian Paice for giving us the solo that he didn't play last year. I am looking forward to listening to the new Deep Purple album that they will be recording this winter (according to Ian Gillan).

Set List:
Woman From Tokyo
Ted The Mechanic
Well Dressed guitar
Knocking At Your Back Door
Space Truckin'
Keyboard solo (including Carmina Burana, Star Wars, etc.)
Perfect Strangers
Speed King (including drums, bass and guitar solos)
Sweet Home Alabama / Stairway To Heaven solo / Smoke On The Water
Highway Star

Nicolas Venjean

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