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Well Don!

Deep Purple put on an amazing show last night at the Post-Gazette Pavilion in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania in front of a packed house. The set list worked well for the show with the crowd singing and dancing all night long.

I had reservations about Deep Purple continuing without Jon Lord, but Don Airey put them to ease with a very good performance. I think he fits right into the band and handled himself very well. (Welcome Don!)

The overall performance was tight with all the songs working very well. Ian voice was in great shape. Rogers and Steve's playing were outstanding and Ian Paice's drumming set the tone for the night.

One surprise in the set list was the elimination of the Guitar Parade before Smoke On The Water. I hope it's gone for good. It was entertaining when the band first did it, but its time for something else. Thanks Purple for a great show!

Set list:

1) Fireball/~Into The Fire riff
2) Woman From Tokyo
3) Ted The Mechanic
4) Lazy
5) The Well Dressed Guitar
6) Knocking At Your Back Door
7) Black Night
8) Don Airey solo
9) Perfect Strangers
10) Speed King/bass solo/drum solo
11) Smoke On The Water

12) Hush
13 Highway Star

Bruce Ambrose

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