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Masculine fulcrum gyrating into oblivion

Mother Nature was good to us... she produced enough moisture to have us prepared for what we really wanted: a hard driving, explosive, and unceasing set from the Purple people. To get things heated up they began in a ball of fire. Excitement was at a high level right from the start and took a straight path into oblivion. Talk about her like a queen... these melodies are some of the most textured in the set. Sweet caresses are followed by pulsating gyrations as Purple positioned itself for the thrill with Don's thick and gritty playing at the opening of Lazy. We were eager to disrobe that Well Dressed Guitar - clearly the fulcrum point of the evening, followed by submission to the lyrical genius of Knocking At Your Back Door (this song speaks for itself - an absolute gem!). The set is crafted to have a clearly masuline feel - the music seeks to satisfy itself while giving us the kind of gratification that only leaves you wanting more!

Suzanne Quinn

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