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The Inspirator

After a good, but loud set by Dio we were anticipating Deep Purple to continue to rock us and we were not disappointed.

I first saw Steve play at The Glass Onion in Augusta,Ga. around 1970 with The Dixie Grit. I followed his career since. I bought The Dixie Dregs' first album in Augusta and had the opportunity to hear them work on original material at his parent's country house. I had been telling my daughter, who is 14 and loves music,
what a dedicated musician Steve has always been, since she is learning guitar. She was amazed. Her words were "he does it with such ease." Of
course I reminded her how much work he had put into his craft most of his life. So congratulations on a great performance, Steve, you have a new

Ian was incredible on vocals as well. It is obvious they are all in good shape. It was great to see Roger on bass and Ian on drums. Although I
have been a Purple fan for 33 years and went to a lot of concerts in the 70s I never got to see Deep Purple in concert so it was a very
special evening sharing it with my daughter.

I loved their enthusiasm and the fans do too. So to anyone who doesn't like to see them smile I guess you just need to stay home.

Thanks fellas, for giving us some special memories. Of course Scorpion rocked us into the evening with a high energy set that was awesome. All in all a great show. I hope to see Deep Purple again. Maybe I can make up for lost time since I never got to see them until now.

Clark Williams

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