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Visible decline

After ten years, I had a great opportunity to see (and hear) DP at two concerts. The first one was last year in Ohio and the second this year in Georgia. What to say? Two different bands... Nobody, nobody can replace Jon Lord. He was 30% of the sound, maybe more. This year, Don tried to do something, but it was very sad.

The concert was too early. The sound was horrible. All the time... I don't know who supplied the equipment this year, but in Ohio, last year, the sound was great. In Atlanta it was painfully bad.

The attention afforded the Scorpions, who were just one unimportant band in the 70s, hurt. DP were the warm up band for the Scorpions! How one can live with that? It hurts.

I was reading some posts from the tour a few days before. (see Scott Holman's posts). He was right. The band is going down. It's visible...

I had a camera this year and I will send some pictures when I develop them, but the bitter taste and the noise in my ears will stay a long time in my memory. My wife had the same feeling.

Ivica & Anne Lukenda

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