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Show sells DVD

It's been two weeks since the DP concert in Antioch near Nashville. I've been reading all the concert reviews on this web site and was surprised at some of the bad reviews that DP have received.

I didn't decide to go to the show until the day of the concert when I heard Ian phone the local radio station for an on air interview with the DJ. I was skeptic about seeing them without Ritchie and Jon but I had never got the chance to see them since they cancelled on their Perfect Strangers tour in 1984. [Huh? Maybe you mean The House Of Blue Light tour in 1987? Rasmus] I figured I better see them now or it might be my last chance. I've seen Dio and the Scorpions in the past but never DP.

We arrived late missing Dio's set completely. The Scorpions were in good form but I don't consider their hits as classic rock, just dated 80s music. In their heyday I was a big fan but they failed to recapture any magic with me.

Deep Purple came out and won me over. Ian Gillan is one of the best singers I've heard live and even though he has aged his voice still has his trademark sound. Ian and Roger were flawless and Don did a great job at capturing Jon Lord's trademark sound. As for Steve Morse he adds a heavier guitar sound to DP's music.

The day after the show I came home and ordered the New, Live & Rare DVD off the internet so I could see footage of the older line-up and the new line-up that is carrying on the tradition of classic rock'n'roll.

Don Curtis

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