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Purple in country & western land

Hey everybody - just got home from this show, and I gotta say that this is one show that was definitely worth the ticket price. Hell, I would've payed even more.

Dio should have gotten more time to play, however. The only problem I had was: Tennessee's seeming lack of respect for Deep Purple. It seemed as though most of the crowd was waitng just for DP to get through SOTW so they could go home.

Anyway, I absolutely had a kick-ass time, and I hope the lack of crowd response doesn't keep them from coming back here on another tour.

In closing:
1) Deep Purple - please come back to Nashville soon.
2) Don Airey rules! I mean, if Jon is gone, then the only better choice than Don for this is Rick Wakeman.
3) My sincerest apologies for the behavior of the crowd towards DP. I love you guys and always will!


Robert Robinson

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