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Airey history blunder

Like in most cases, DP started at 7.30pm instead of 7pm. Not a big deal. The fans waited for more than 30 years so another 30 minutes wasn't very important. In fact, we saw the greatest instrumental music (with the sad exception of the not strong sound of Mr. Glover's bass), but quite poor sound of Mr Gillan's voice.

The internet is a very powerful thing nowadays, and everyone expected to hear all the songs (and who knows, maybe some more because of this being the last concert on the group's Eastern Europe tour) that were on the set list which during the Russia dates. After two songs I had big doubts how Child In Time would go. For us, we did not know the reasons of the weakness of the lead vocal at the show. No doubt, Mr. Gillan had serious problems because sadly for everyone in the Palace, Child In Time wasn't played at all. I expected to hear instead another track different to the set list obtained through internet but this was not the case.

Thank you, Mr. Don Airey for your great Kalinka. Next time you should know that Lithuania (as well as Latvia) is not Russia at all, and for us God Save The Queen is better than most Russian national songs. Think a bit about the history of the 20th century and the relations between the former Soviet republics and the Baltic states.

Finally, the show was quite good, and the band is still able to create the new sound of really good hard rock music of 20th century. If the promise of Mr. Gillan to come back with the band once again was not only devoir to the fans, we have hopes to see DP once again.

Bronius Zibaitis

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