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Breathtakingly Good Friday

To begin I would like to say "thank you" to DP for the unforgettable show. In fact this was the best concert i've ever seen (i'm quite an experienced concert-goer; this was the 24th, so i know what i'm saying).

I don't include the setlist as it was similar to that in Russia, Ukraine etc. Only one difference... For unknown reasons Child In Time was not played, although many people were really looking forward to hear this song. Still this was the only drawback - the great show compensated the absence of Child completely.

To go more in detail, story of each member of DP follows. Barefooted, charismatic frontman IAN GILLAN apologised for being late, spoke to the audience quite a lot. His voice was perfect (i don't know any other word to describe it!). During this looong intro before Smoke Gillan placed some flowerpots on the stage. I have no idea why. Did he do that in other concerts as well? On the whole, Ian seemed to really enjoy the concert.

I have often wondered how it is possible to attract the attention of the audience by playing an instrument that creates no melody, only rhythm. IAN PAICE showed it is possible. The drum solo, which i was really looking forward to hear/see, was one of the most exciting moments in the concert. Besides it seemed to be something more than just a rhythm. Thank you, Ian!

Before the concert it was said that this would be one of the last performances for Jon Lord as a member of DP. Therefore the announcement about Jon leaving the band made many people disappointed. Many thought this wouldn't be the same DP anymore. However, DON AIREY seemed to fit the bill. By his performance it wasn't possible to tell that he's a member of DP for such a short period of time. During the keyboard solo we heard a very popular Latvian song (thank you, Don! we liked it!) and Kalinka as well (although it's a Russian song, many people in Latvia know it).

ROGER GLOVER seemed to have a pocketful of picks which he gave away to the audience afterwards. (I wasn't lucky enough to catch one, although i was in the 2nd row...)His bass solos was so impressive. Besides he and Steve is the most professional and the most dashing guitar-player duet.

Finally about my favourite member of DP - STEVE MORSE. I adore the way he plays the guitar. He's the best (at least among those i've seen in concerts)! I can't imagine anyone else that would be a better guitar player in DP (i don't know Ritchie so well -forgive me, lifelong DP fans, but i'm only 17...). The guitar seemed to be not Steves's friend, but a part of him; he knows it so well. I think everyone, even those who were fans of DP when Ritchie played with them, liked Steve's performance very much. The audience sang along with his guitar in Black Night, cheered him up when the guitar string snapped. In fact, Steve, smiling all the time, with his eyes sparkling, playing the guitar like it would be a toy, was the star of that night. Thank you, Steve! (I sometimes play the guitar. When i see you playing, i realise that i have a long (very, very long) way to go.)

Of course, an integral part of great show is great audience. This was the case. Sure thing, the majority of the audience was people who have been fans of DP for many years. The 1st row was occupied by such people only. They remained calm during the concert (at least those who were in front of me) and "woke up" only when the drummer tossed the drum stick right into their arms (lucky they!). However there were many young people as well - i believe they all were true fans. I have often wondered what makes DP to play the same old songs for years, aren't they fed up with doing the same thing all the time. Earlier i thought they do it only because of money, but in 29.03. i saw it's something more - no doubt they enjoy playing these songs to their fans, each of DP had that magic sparkle in his eyes, they were smiling all the time and seemed to have a good time. They were more devoted to playing than any other band i've ever seen, and that's why i hope see them again.

Best wishes to Deep Purple and everyone who's reading this!

Malvīne Ose

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