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DP music lived, lives and will live forever

This is my first review and my fifth rock concert.

I was standing right in front of Ian Gillan in the first row so I could see everything. Ian's voice was perfect. What he was doing with microphone stand and his congas was so powerful - like an earthquake in Moscow! Roger's bass was the base of the DP's rock. When Roger and Steve came to the middle of the stage and started playing and shaking their heads up and down people went mad.

Don was the star of the concert. I've never heard Jon, but I should say Don's keys became hot as he played faster and faster. When he played Kalinka it was hard for me even to clap in time! Then Paicey started waving a towel before Don to cool him. Child In Time was just an amazing improvisation - I could hardly recognize the song. Steve was excellent in his song's solos and he doesn't change Ritchie's solos at all. People say that he tries to be careful with the old songs, but I think he is too careful. More improvisation, Steve! Give 'em new sound. Ian Paice is the best drummer in the world. He was drumming like dynamite. The drums were very, very loud.

One photographer told me before the concert that as he had also been to the Glenn Hughes' concert (November 23, 2001 in Moscow), he had had a good chance to compare. Both groups were playing old well-known hits, Glenn's voice was louder and cleaner than Ian's. But at Hughes' concert Glenn himself was the only star. Last night I saw five stars onstage, they weren't assisting each other, they just played their rock. One more thing is that Roger throws picks farther than Glenn so it was harder for me to catch one.

Finally I think DP is one of the favourite groups in Russia. We have always loved hard rock groups like Led Zeppelin, Rainbow, Nazareth, etc. But the thing that really surprised me - there were a lot of young people at the concert. It proves that Deep Purple's music lived, lives and will live forever! We're already looking forward to your next visit to Moscow in 2004 (or earlier), guys!

Antony Malguine

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