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Post-communism Purple ecstacy

Fantastic, great, incredible, unbelievably, magnificent! All these words were on the lips of everybody who saw Deep Purple's concert in Kharkov, Ukraine. The word unbelievable was often spoken in the days before and after the concert. Nobody could believe the real Deep Purple was coming to Kharkov, the living legend of world rock music giving a concert in our city. Live Deep Purple, live music. Unbelievable. Everybody wanted to touch them, to be close to Deep Purple, to breathe the same air with living legend. It was too great to believe.

You have to understand the situation in the former Soviet Union during the 60s, 70s and even the 80s, and what Deep Purple and its music meant to the youth during those times. Listening to tapes with Deep Purple music on old tape recorders, re-recorded many times, several times re-copied black and white pictures from the albums of Deep Purple, distributed from friend to friend. The music of Deep Purple was forbidden as well as any rock music from the West. There was a genuine risk of going to prison if you had a vinyl album by Deep Purple. But that whole generation who are now in their 40s and 50s and older were educated by Deep Purple's music. They loved Deep Purple's music, it was a piece of freedom during communism time in Ukraine. And their children who are now 20 or more, catch onto it. So behold - live Deep Purple - here, close, next to us. Unbelievable!

It wasn't just a Deep Purple concert in Kharkov, Ukraine, it was a historical event. A Deep Purple concert, live music performed for everybody who had the great opportunity to visit the Opera House during the concert. It united all the Deep Purple fans, gave them back their youth, put a new fire into their lives and into the lives of their children.

Well-known doctors and lawyers, directors and businessmen, just ordinary people - they all again became the guys from next door. One guy said that he hadn't seen many people for more than five years but now he saw them again at the Deep Purple concert. Unbelievable!

But the most unbelievable thing was that great giving of Deep Purple, a great fire, great music. As Ian Gillan cried to the audience during the concert - "It is like guests in my house when I put aside all my furniture and all guys gather together in the middle of my room." Yes, we all visited Deep Purple's house, we all were invited as friends.

Tremendous sounds and lights, incredible and great playing by every member of Deep Purple, and the whole band as a team made this concert at the Opera House unforgettable and unique. Ian Gillan led the concert (with no shoes!) with such a fire that the whole audience was ecstatic.

The excellent voice of Ian Gillan, his duet with Steve Morse, the great Steve Morse solos, the excellent performance by Ian Paice and Roger Glover and Don Airey's great playing - the new excellent and valuable member of Deep Purple. All these things made a great show, and great, real music. It was something. It was unbelievable.

Deep Purple - you won our hearts. The audience fell in love with Deep Purple's music, fell in love with Deep Purple the band. After the concert many fans could not sleep because of impressions after the concert. And now we all know we don't need any other music. We need Deep Purple music, real music. We love you, Deep Purple, we love you guys!

There is a saying: "To visit Paris and then die." We can say: "We have seen Deep Purple, now we can die." But we are still alive. So, Deep Purple, please come back - we are looking forward to see you in Ukraine.

I can not tell you the set list and encores - it was so hard to keep records of the great impressions I got during the concert.

P.S. The people who organised the concert in Kharkov did everything possible and even impossible to arrange the concert in Kharkov. We are so sorry, guys, for the problems with customs and equipment, and that the concert was delayed for two hours, and your departure to the Baltic States was delayed for four hours. We did our best. Believe us. We would love for you to come to our city again.

With best regards and gratitude,

Alex Kipot - interpreter during Deep Purple concert in Kharkov

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