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Hats Off To Morse

I am happy to have the opportunity to express my impressions. This is my short review. It is short because it is very difficult to find exact words when you come across true masterpieces.

Some people say that Nobody's Perfect. I answer: Buy a ticket and listen to Perfect Strangers (9). I know the names of five men, real Speed Kings (12) and they are almost perfect. I had the second opportunity in my life to see, to listen and to feel this.

The concert began after two and a half hours delay. I don't know who should be blamed for that but I believe that Fools (8) was enough for them...

The concert on March 28th in Kharkov, Ukraine, wasn't just a concert by a world famous hard-rock band. "It's A Kind Of Magic" sang another legend. Mr.Morse - I cannot leave my hat on. Hats Off To Harper? No, to you, Mr. Morse. Wake up, friends, don't you mind about Moby Dick (improv)? You are surprised, aren't you? And what can you say about Kashmir (improv)? Oh, you are excited. I see, I see. Hush(13)! Now two deep breaths and read very slowly: Voodoo Chile (improv). Two day before, at home, I had listened to Jimi Hendrix's Live At Woodstock. Then I came to Kharkov's Opera House, was singing Lazy (4) and Child In Time (5) with The Aviator (6) named Ian Gillan. And then - then I was shocked: The spirit of Jimi arose! I saw it. And I cried with A Blind Man (10) about his Woman From Tokyo (1).

No One who Came (7) stayed silent during Smoke On The Water (11). That moment everyone's soul was painted Deep Purple. And the dream came true. It was Black Night (14) outside and time to go home. I took a taxi and began to sing Highway Star (15).

I wish to express my sincere gratitude (in alphabetical order) to Mr. Don Airey, to Mr. Ian Gillan, to Mr. Roger Glover, to Mr. Steve Morse, to Mr. Ian Paice and everyone of Deep Purple's crew. Thank you all for a great and unforgettable show.

Notes: A few more songs were played on March, 28th: Vavoom: Ted The Mechanic (2) and Mary Long (3).

Denys Savoshchenko

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