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Amazing and magnificent!

It was a small 1300-seater hall, the sound equipment sounded a little strange, but it was good, I rate it four out of five. Everybody was enjoying the perfomance, and a few people knew lyrics. Everybody was screaming and a lot of old rockers, even some very old ones, went crazy!

The band were all in 100% top condition and enjoying the music and having fun, with a very soulful feeling. Don Airey was great, even outstanding, but of coyrse I wanted to see Jon, because he played in Purple for so long and it's impossible to get that feeling after just a couple of tours, but Don played very cool.

I lost my voice during Lazy. I was screaming at full throat, but I managed to get lollipops 'tunes'. I acctually didn't believe, but it worked it restored voice (I mean ability to scream, I think I've got an awful voice). I used the whole pack and I could even scream to the top till Highway Star.

Child In Time was superb, Ian hit all the notes, but not that top C of course - but he sounded great!

Speed King included a great bass solo, and of course drums, voice and guitar and also amazing playing from Don. They came back and said goodbye. The crowd went crazy, everybody was jumping, claping with both hands and legs, screaming like a bomb explosion, and of course they had to come to play Hush, Black Night and Highway Star.

Hush was fantastic. Black Night was super-great, including improvisations where Steve's guitar 'sang' with the crowd. It was so great, everybody was united and clapped and sang the bits, copying what Steve's guitar was saying. This is it - energy!

There were some people who weren't singing or shaking in the beginnig. But by Hush the whole place was shaking and bagging and everybody was enjoying themselves and jumping around. The local security and the organisation who arranged the gig have the worst reputation in the city, but in fact everything was calm and fun, because everybody love Purple.

Since they kicked off with Woman From Tokyo I immediately forgot about everything what bothered me and it was great to forget about everything just for a couple of hours and spend a lot of energy!

The funniest moment - to the left of me was a man who was an old rocker, and I looked at him a couple of times and his face was becoming more fun and child-like. He was drinking cognac and by the time of Smoke he was completely blown out and was singing and clapping. After Smoke he was clapping and jumping, screaming only one phrase all the time "Machine Head, Machine Head, Machine Head..."

The set-list was the same as in Moscow.

I am sure Deep Purple can rise even dead

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