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From purple smoke in 1974 to smoking Purple in 2002

The show goes on, after 31 years of following The Best Band in the world.

Tonight was a very nostalgic event for me. The first live performance I had the pleasure of was at the City Hall in 1974, line-up Lord, Paice, Coverdale, Blackmore and Hughes - how many remember that! I still remember the band coming up onto the stage through a cloud of purple smoke, never forgot it. Even still got the programme!

Many gigs and much music later here we are again at the good old City Hall, and yes, all these years on still brilliant. You may ask why. Well as I've said to many over the years because each member of the band, including that youngster Steve Morse (born same year as me, 1954) and including many of the past members, all in their own right have fantastic musical talent, a talent they started with and have continued to develope through the years. That is what has given them true staying power.

I had the pleasure of seeing the Grimsby gig last week. The band deserve credit for bringing much of this tour to many varied venues allowing more of their fans to enjoy the Purple experience. [True. We certainly seem to receive a larger number of reviews from people who last saw the band in the 70s than we do for most tour. Rasmus]

Anyway, back to last night, just superb. Only wished it could have gone on longer to fit in many more classics. But to finish the night, what better for this young fan to be the recipiant of the autographed piece of Paice's drum kit that came flying into the audiance at the end, waited 31 years for that, cheers!!

Keep on rocking guys, we're with you!! By the way, The Planets were also excellent, you certainly know how to pick 'em!

Ivor Williams

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