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No doubts

Here goes my first attempt at writing a review.

I saw the band in Nottingham on Thursday night. The usual reservations were there - would Ian's voice be OK, would the band be loud and would my two friends enjoy it (it was their first time seeing the band). Yes to all apart from the volume. No ringing in the ears tonight (shame!) [You should be happy about that. Ringing-ears-Rasmus]

Anyway, the songs... The first highlight for me was Mary Long, seemingly tighter than previous versions.

Fools - I loved the way Ian tore into this.... "I can see." Absolutely stunning - he seems to get better everytime I see him!

Perfect Strangers - I've heard various versions described as majestic, but not felt that until now, a great, powerful and awesome version of the song. They really did it justice in Nottingham. Superb.

When A Blind Man Cries - the usual well-played intro from Jon. A great version with some good singing from Ian. In fact a very moving song, sung with feeling and sincerity, another highlight for me.

Child In Time - I must admit I had a few reservations when I heard they were resurrecting this one, but it was a definite highlight of the evening. Ian handled it with such ease and composure. He was fully in control and seemed to genuinely enjoy singing it again. Brilliant.

Hush - This absolutely bopped along and was superbly executed by the band, they seemed to thoroughly enjoy this.

There were no real lows to the show, apart from maybe the setlist in general. The Aviator doesn't seem to fit in.

Smoke On The Water - personally I think this should be dropped as I think it's outlived its usefullness. No doubt others will disagree.

Overall comments then, absolutely brilliant. The two friends I took aren't fans by any stretch of the imagination, but they were impressed. I thought Ian Gillan was superb, his voice is in great shape. Damn it, the whole band were (near) faultless. Paicey never put a stick wrong. Glover totally underrated bass player. Jon Lord, well we all know Jon!!! And Steve Morse played as well as ever. If you've got any doubts, go see this band. You won't be disappointed!

Finally a great big thank you to C. for the passes. They were greatly appreciated.

James Spackman

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