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Dancing queen Sasha

I as expecting a good gig but indeed it was far better (8/10). The band seem to have got rid of the lasers and special effects from the earlier reunion tours and just have a basic set with colour lights which is the way it should be. I managed to get on the front and so visibility was excellent.

Ian's cold was in evidence but he still put everything into it. I felt he was very low whether this was because I was right at the front and so not getting the best mix or they mixed him low due to his cold I do not know. I had trouble hearing him especially on the track: Off The Wall. I also felt that Jon was too low especially and could not hear him too well over Steve. Anyway enough of the gripes.

The band was really enjoying themselves which seems the norm now Steve has joined. [He joined eight years ago! Rasmus] I won't list the setlist as it has been well documented. Needless to say, all the old songs were fantastic. It was good to hear Steve's Well Dressed Guitar after hearing so much about it. I don't know wether Off The Wall cut it with me but it is not fair to judge as it was difficult to hear properly.


The Aviator. So disappointed when they did not play this on the _|_ tour as it is one of my favourites off the album - along with all the others except one which name eludes me. This time it was excellent and I was close enough to see how Steve play it - how does he span those frets?

Mary Long, Fools, No One Came, Hush: Nice to hear these and even better that they was reasonably close to the album and not had the Blackmore-truncation treatment. Nice to hear Lazy back to its normal format again although I do feel its too rushed.

The selection of riffs from Steve was fantastic. He just seemed to keep going: Crossroads, Stairway, Something (Playing homage to George Harrison), Purple Haze, Sweet Home Alabamba, and about three or four more. It was great trying to work out what he was playing - I wish he'd gone on all night!

I was disappointed that they did not play newer stuff especially _|_ but all in all it was well worth the travelling (two hours each way and I have to do it again tonight). Bought a programme which appears to be off the Australian Tour - nice pix though. Won't buy a tee-shirt as far too expensive and I could print my own now.

I met up with some new people: One girl, Sasha, had never been to a Purple gig and by the way that she was dancing she loved it - she certainly made an impression on Steve! I hope that she found Richard after the show - hiya guys!

Matthew Burbridge

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