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Socks off!

Thank you, thank you, thank you ... especially Ian G.

After 30+ years following the band I love best it was great to have them back in Liverpool and at a venue that allows such closeness. I've loved the new joyful spirit of the band since I first experienced it on the Purpendicular tour - again right up close to the stage at the Liverpool Empire.

Friday night was another great experience. Okay, I'd. read the reviews and was looking forward to Child In Time after all these years away, but as soon as I. realised Ian G was having problems I put that out of. my mind and spent the rest of the concert in awe of his determination to give us all a good time. Everyone. in the band worked their socks off (IG literally!) and it was much appreciated.

The new songs were a delicious taste of things to come on the new album, and it was great to hear Fools, Hush and The Aviator again alongside the well established. classic favourites. All the solos were as brilliant as we've come to expect (yeah, how does Paicey do that??), and just underlined what master musicians these guys are. As an ensemble they're unbeatable.

Given great support by The Planets, DP provided me and my friends with another memorable live experience. Grateful thanks and I hope they felt as much love from. us as we felt from them.

To paraphrase IG, here's hoping we all "rock 'till we roll!"

Chris Joy

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