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Ireland & UK 2002 reviews  

More Purple in the jar!!

Like many others I was eagerly looking forward to this gig - First time ever in Ireland an' all that jive (C'mon guys we're island neighbours here!!!) I couldn't believe it as I drove towards the Point entrance - yep, up there in nice plain black letters on a white background....."DEEP PURPLE"....God, We've waited soooooo long for this night!!

The Planets were a great opening act, if a touch too serious for yer average rock fan. Had me hooked from Bolero; I kept thinking "Dear old Frank Zappa'd have loved this opener!" Being honest though they just couldn't hope to compete with the Purp's. Did I mention we've waited soooooo long for this gig??

I've gotta admit here I'm a huge Steve Morse fan - been listening to his stuff for ages (Dammit, I even bought ticket's on his side of the stage - but he'd moved to the far side!!!) so I was already on-side in any possible Steve vs Ritchie debate. What's the point anyhow they're totally different players - Ritchie's legacy is there for all to see and hear and is surely beyond question, let's dig it and move forward whaddaya say people??

From Woman From Tokyo on it was sheer bliss. Even a total boob at the start of Lazy was smoothed out. Great to see real musicians carry on without having to re-start a backing track! It was particularly good to hear Mary Long, an unexpected treat. I may be out on a limb here, but how's about Burn or You Fool No One next time? (There MUST be a next time chaps!!??)

There were two young kids beside me at the gig, maybe 10 years old. Yeah, they were groovin' away too. Sure beats the hell outa listening to the radio, huh?

Many of the classics got an airing (do read some of the other reviews 'cos I can't remember the set list, It's just a haze of happiness, um... man!!). Fools is one of these said classics. Ian Gillan reckons they're still kinda getting to grips with The Aviator and to be honest it shows, but they'll get there alright in the end.

It was good to hear Gillan's comment too about how the music biz nowaday's is celebrity driven as opposed to back in the "early-days" when it was simply about music. (Actually I'm thinking of organising a "Let's have Louis Walsh Exiled to the Arctic" campaign - any takers???)

How refreshing also to see Morse smile his way thru' the whole gig - not a frown or tantrum in sight! I just have to mention Paice's solo too - brilliant! How is it possible for any human to play a snare pattern so fast with one hand???

Lastly a plea (Actually three pleas.)

1. Can somebody tell me how to play the intro to Ted - gotta say I'm pretty certain the TAB on the website isn't correct. Ol' Morsey loves his hybrid picking.

2. Where can I get a copy of "Total Abandon" on DVD ?? (Without paying an arm and two legs) [Drew Thompson's website. Rasmus]

3. PLEASE come back to Ireland again - We're starved of decent music!!!!!

Thanks, Ian, Ian, Jon, Roger, Steve... You've made a lot of people appreciate why we love decent music.

Gerry Healion

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