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The Third and Final STUDIO REPORT

Mon, 6 Apr 1998

The album is done. Sort of. It's not really done until it's in your sweaty hands of course, when there's not a chance in Hell we can fiddle with it some more, at least not with current technology.

I suspect that at least some of it is palatable if not downright edible.

Once again, practically single-handedly, Darren Schneider did an heroic job. As did our families for putting up with us. A big thank you to them.

There are several titles for the album, all of which turn out to be ABANDON.

As of this writing I cannot confirm how many tracks there are except to say it's more or less than one and two together. Among the song titles are Seventh Heaven, Any Fule Kno That, Almost Human, Watching the Sky, Jack Ruby, Fingers To The Bone and Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour On The Bed Post Overnight? (One of those is a red herring, put in for no other reason than to confuse me).

As with most albums around which I've been revolved this one has had its share of snakes and ladders in between the pinnacles.

There have been inversions, diversions, new versions, delays, rallies, volleys, objections, inspections, rejections, thin skins, thick skins, drum skins, milliseconds, second hands, second thoughts, picnics, nit-picks, worn picks, rages, cages, mazes, tears of joy, tears of defeat, tears of trousers, successes, excesses, big messes, lost keys, Hammond keys, wrong keys, first takes, mistakes, high stakes, battles, kettles, bottles, delusions, exclusions, tea infusions, spare parts, private parts, extra parts, sore fingers, sore throats, seesaws, headaches, headphones, head games, and all the usual fun of the fair.

I get to have the special jacket removed soon.

Good luck. ;-)

RG     - April 1998
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