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Leon Wilkeson

It was only a few weeks ago that Leon and I had a few drinks in the bar of some hotel or other. It was the first time we had talked properly since the opening night of the tour when all of Lynyrd Skynyrd stood outside our dressing room door and shook our hands as we arrived - a genuine, warm welcome. Leon gave me a particular welcome, bass player to bass player.

Over the course of the tour there was always a good atmosphere between DP and LS. Banter was plentiful in the backstage corridors and a camaraderie developed. Drinking with Leon that night, he told me about his damaged arm, showed me the scars, and demonstrated how he had had to learn to play all over again after the plane crash. I developed a whole new respect for the man.

One night, towards the end of the tour, I rode on their bus for a short ride back to the hotel and he proudly showed me around and made sure I was comfortable. He was a lovely man; I wish I had got to know him better, but Iım glad I knew him a little.

My thoughts now are with his family and also with his band mates, who again have to face the harsh realities of life and death.

I wish them peace.

Roger Glover

July 2001

Who was Leon Wilkeson?

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