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Ian Gillan Newsletter

Today I've received a letter from Ian Gillan, the one he sends regularly to fan clubs, and I will reprint it here for all of us :

Dorset, England, 13 November 1995

Hello my friends,

I have just returned from the USA to my new home by the seaside here on the English south coast. The house is full of cardboard boxes and it is difficult to find somewhere to sit. Nevertheless, we are all very happy here and my daughter Grace loves her new school. As you may know I've spent most of this year in Orlando, Florida, writing and recording the new Deep Purple album. It is to be called "Purpendicular" and something for the band to be proud of, released on BMG early in the new year, followed of course by a world tour.

When I was in Portugal a year or so ago a thought struck me as I was walking on the beach, singing to myself. It occured to me that I've written very few songs that could be sung in the bath, or in the shower, or in bed, or...walking on the beach. So I picked up my guitar, determined to work on some material that wasn't designed for the traditional rock band lineup (guitar, keyboards, drums and bass). The result is a solo album (almost complete) which I plan to release sometime next year. I'll tell you more about it as the plans develop.

Talking about developments, there are periods in every artist's life when he has to step back from the stage and put some time into private and creative things. So that's what I've been doing. Deep Purple has gone through a very difficult and important transition, and we have all had to devote our spirit and energy to what is effectively the rebirth of the band. I have also enjoyed being with the family between writing and recording sessions, knowing full well that I'm going to be on the road again for some intensive work all over the world in 1996.

It may appear that I've been inactive and there hasn't been a great deal to talk about publicly. However, all that is about to change and I look forward to seeing you all again soon. In the meantime I'd like to send yoy the season's greetings and good luck for the new Year. May all your dreams come true.

Cheers for now,

Ian Gillan.

Stathis N. Panagiotopoulos
Deep Purple Appreciation Society, Greece
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