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New Release on DVD

After forming the Dixie Dregs at the University of Miami, Steve won Overall Best Guitarist from Guitar Player/Magazine's Readers Poll five consecutive years in a row (1982-1986) and was then moved to their Gallery of Greats and removed from contention in order to give other guitar players a chance. He has received many Grammy nominations, both for his work with the Dregs and as a solo artist. He has worked with dozens of famous guitarists of various musical genres, and been a member of the Dregs, Kansas, Living Loud, and (of course) Deep Purple.

These performances come from 1990, a few years before he joined Deep Purple, when he was touring with the Steve Morse Band, a trio that included bassist extraordinaire Dave LaRue, and drummer Van Romaine. The DVD features two concerts culled from the vaults of the German television program Ohne Filter Show. The three exemplary musicians concoct a blend of intoxicating music -- a sound Steve Morse describes as "too rock for jazz". With Steve busy for the next year or so with Deep Purple's "Rapture Of The Deep" world tour, and Dave LaRue equally committed to touring with Joe Satriani, this may be your best chance to see the Steve Morse Band live for some time to come.

Track Listing

  1. The Introduction
  2. General Lee
  3. Country Colors
  4. Sleaze Factor
  5. Highland Wedding
  6. Tumeni Notes
  7. Point Counterpoint
  8. Night Meets Light
  9. Ice Cakes
  10. Rock 'n' Roll Park
  11. Pride Of The Farm
  12. Cruise Missile

Total running time: 60 minutes

Additional Features

  • 4 additional performances from 1984
  • Promotional video ("Cruise Missile")

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Last update: Aug 27, 2006