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In this new service I will try and key you into what's new and interesting in our Special Features section - recommended reading if you like. Most features include detailed info on the individual subject as well as reviews submitted by you, our reader. Keep them coming.

Rapture of the Deep is Deep Purple's upcoming new studio album and we are collecting all the reviews, photos and words from the band that you could wish for.
Rapture of the Deep

Living Loud is Steve Morse's latest project. It features a host of hard rock illumni and his own band mate Don Airey. Read about re-recorded Ozzy Osbourne songs and new imaginative originals in our Living Loud special

Listen, Learn, Read On is EMI's spanking new 6CD box set, which includes a wealth of Deep Purple rarities - unreleased live tracks, demos, rehearsal sessions and even pre-Purple tracks by each of the band's 1970s members. Add to this a 120-page book detailing the band's history from its formation in 1968 to the sad (temporary) demise in 1976. Get the low-down on this massive Purple offering.
EMI box set

Didi Zill's Deep Purple photo book is a 432-page tome featuring extensive extracts from German photographer Didi Zill's 21 years of friendship with the members of Deep Purple. In more than 600 photographs, the book travels with Deep Purple on tour, goes backstage, visits the band members in their homes and - of course - portrays them onstage in full flight. One of the book's many high lights is Zill's fly-on-the-wall perspective of the Machine Head recording sessions in a cold hotel corridor in Montreux 1971.
Didi Zill book

Machine Head Classic Albums DVD is latest in a highly acclaimed series of DVDs going behind the scenes to document the writing and recording sessions that spawned some of rock's most classic albums (hence the title!). Through interviews and musical re-enactments all five members of Deep Purple Mark 2 tell the story of the making of Deep Purple's most successful studio album. Glover gets behind the soundboard desk to pick out individual instruments from the master tapes, while Blackmore and Lord give examples of how many of the album's instrumental high lights are played.
Machine Head DVD

Sonic Zoom is the name of the record label currently releasing some of the most fascinating Deep Purple live albums. A word of warning that these include bootlegs and archive recordings of sometimes lesser quality should however not detract from the musical excellence often contained in these shows. It took the label a long time to get off the ground, but so far they've got five titles out (or about to be released), and there's not a duff one among them.
Sonic Zoom

Older stuff...

Ian Paice - Not For The Pros is the long awaited DVD where Deep Purple's sticksman (there can be only one, accept no substitute) takes the viewer on a detailed tour through the world of drumming accortding to Ian Paice. First he explains his equipment and takes you on a tour of the factories that make it, then he talks about ways of drumming and offers tricks on how to get better, and finally there's a large section of footage of Ian in the studio (albeit not with Deep Purple) and on the road (with Deep Purple). There's bits of his always entertaining and enriching clinics and more.
Ian Paice DVD

Rasmus Heide