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Wasted Sunsets


From "Perfect Strangers", 1984

Am               F/A

      The day is gone

         C/G            D/F#

when the angels come to stay

    Dm             Am/C

And all the silent whispers

     B7sus4    E

will be blown away

     Am          F/A

And lying in the corner

  C/G                D/F#

a pair of high heel shoes

Dm      Am/C

Hanging on the wall

        B7sus4          E

gold and silver for the blues

Dm7           G           Am

      One too many wasted sunsets

C            G            Am

     One too many for the road

Dm7           G        Am

    And after dark the door is always open

C            G                 D

      Hoping someone else will show
Gilles Snowcat