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Perfect Strangers


From "Perfect Strangers", 1984

Intro: Dm,G
Dm                                              G
Can you remember, remember my name
G                             Dm
as I flow through your life
Dm                                  G
a thousand oceans I have flown
and cold, cold spirits of ice
all my life
I am the echo of your past
Dm, G
Dm                                                G
I am returning, the echo of a point in time
G                    Dm
distant faces shine 
Dm                                       G
a thousand warriors I have known
and laughing as the spirits appear
all your life
A                            A    F  G
shadows of another day
G                                                Dm
and if you hear me talking on the wind
Dm                G
you've got to understand
                   F                        C                  B, Bb
we must remain perfect strangers
riff: E
A                                                                Dm
I know I must remain inside this silent well of sorrow
Dm                                                    G
A strand of silver hanging through the sky
G                                 Dm
touching more than you see
Dm                                G
the voice of ages in your mind
is aching with the death of the night
precious life
A                                        A    F   G
your tears are lost in falling rain
G                                    Dm
and if you hear me talking on the wind
Dm               G
you've got to understand
                   F                         C               B, Bb
we must remain prefect strangers
Riff: E
Joanna Ostrowiecka