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From "Deep Purple", 1969


Painter, come colour up my life

Em                                 Bm7

     Oh painter, come colour up my life

F#m (no 3rd)

   Take away the misery

Em (no 3rd)      Bm7

   Take away the strife


Writer, write me up a play

Em                             Bm7

Oh writer, make the meaning gay

F#m (no 3rd)                    Em (no 3rd)

Well I don’t need a poem


Just give me words to say



Singer, let me sing a song

Em                           Bm7

    Oh singer, let me sing a song, yeah

F#m (no 3rd)           Em (no 3rd)

     You don't have to worry


Cause singer you can sing along

NOTES: The mood of this song is not only based on the chords themselves, 
but also on the basslines, the drumrythm and many variations from organ 
and guitar. So be free to play or not the 3rd’s where noted « no 3rd » 
or the 7th in the Bm7 chords.

Transcribed by Gilles Snowcat