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Holy Man


From "Stormbringer", 1974


Called to Madonna


To give me a line

         G/B               Gm/Bb

She said boy what have you done

D                        D/C

Passing your time with a holy man

G/B                        Gm/Bb

Talking about the moon and sun

    D                Bm

But I can't tell the difference

F#m                  G         A

Between the fool and wise

D                  D/C

Show me a river to follow

 G/B                Gm/Bb

Away from all these lies


I've been on my own so long

          G       C/G  G

Won't you lend me your hand


I've been picking up my bones too long

          G    Fmaj7

Won't you understand
Gilles Snowcat