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Child In Time


From "In Rock", 1970

Organ score (not full song)

1st part :

And continue with this chord sequence : G, G, Am,  G, G, Am,  F, F, G,   G, G,  Am
(right hand plays chord variations : G -> G-B-D, B-D-G, D-G-B... )

 Left hand plays chords F5, G5 and A5 and can also play 3 notes instead of 2 : Just press one more key : 

F5 = C-F-C
G5 = D-G-D
A5 = E-A-E

Solo - standard chord sequence, then Am-G and at the end of it comes sth. like this :

And then the "second" part :

This score may not be 100% correct, itīs only my interpretation of this song.

Score written by : Jan Fiser