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Chasing Shadows


From "DeepPurple", 1969


Chasing shadows

Bm7               G          A        Em7

Over the ground      with myself only sleeping

Dwarves and giants


Twenty feet tall

G           A               Em7

   Fill the room with their grieving

Sounds of breathing


Sharpen my ears

G            A         Em7

   Then they fade into nothing

Someone's laughter

           Bm7           G                A               Em7

Out in the street              fills the night with their loving

D           A           Em7

G               D         F          C

     I feel the axe in my head

G           D                F          C

Running his hands through my bed

G        D          F#         B

Not even dreaming I seem to be dead

G          D          F#         B

Colours of yellow and colours of red

Note: The guitar sound is very " acid " on this song, so the 
chords Em7 and Bm7 can also be E7+9 and B7+9.

Gilles Snowcat