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The Battle Rages On


From "The Battle Rages On", 1993

Dm                    C

Been so many words so much to say

Dm                      F        Gm

Words are not enough to keep the guns at bay

Dm                     C

Some live in fear some do not

Dm                            F        Gm

Some gamble everything on who gets the final shot


Oh don't talk to me of love

Bb           C/E          Dm

It's obvious it's not enough

       Bb/D     Dm         Bb       C

Annihilation    kill them all

Dm           C          Bb

Capitulation watch the mighty fall

Dm          Bb/D      Dm      Bb      C

The road to glory is lined in red

Dm             C             G

And though the reason now is gone


   The battle rages on

Instrumental: Dm  Dm7  G/D  Bb/D  C/D  Eb/D  Dm7  G/D  G  A7-9
Gilles Snowcat