Subject: Morse review/Purple news 
From: (GillansInn) 
Date: 20 Nov 1995 05:46:52 -0500 

I just got back from another excellent Steve Morse Band Concert as the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton MA. I attended the show with fellow aolers Rikk, Jon, Joel, and Shawn and saw Mahesh there as well, but he disappeared after the concert. As soon as Steve took the stage, Rikk started yelling out all the new Purple songs that we knew the names of. At first Steve smiled, then he finally broke down and played the riff to The Aviator before going into the opening song Good To Go!

The set list was much different from the April shows, but I didn't take notes so I can't post the list here. However Steve did include the riff to Smoke On The Water twice!

After the show, we were able to talk to Steve and he filled us in on Purple. As usual he seemed real excited about the album and said that he finally heard it yesterday and it sounds amazing! The only problem according to Steve is they have to leave off two songs. He said there is a great song called, I think, Hey Cisco which Steve said may have to be left off. We asked him if he would join our aol chat like Roger has and Steve said Roger is amazing and he could never keep up with him. Steve said however that he is so busy right now sometimes he doesn't even have time to eat. He has been doing guitar clinics before most of his shows and even owes his record company another album before the Purple tour! He said Purple is getting geared up and ready to go, and that is what he seemed most excited about. He still is going to keep his solo band going but, it looks like now isn't the time that he would have wanted to do another Steve Morse album!

Drummer Van Romaine is on the new DP tribute from Japan. He playes on Burn. Van said Malmsteen plays guitar, uncredited, on this track as well.

It was an amazing show, and once again Steve was so cool to talk to! Hope to see him again soon!

I coulda been a winner if i'd played my cards
now I'm picking up junk in my backyard
coulda been a doctor but I cought a cold
I coulda been. . . or so I'm told
any chance that ever came my way
it musta gone via Miami

Gillan/Glover 1988 - Via Miami

Svante Pettersson 03 december 1995

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