Subject: Steve Morse - Amherst, Oct. 17 Review 
From: (GillansInn) 
Date: 18 Oct 1995 03:40:48 -0400 

I attended the Steve Morse Guitar Summit show at the University Of Massachusetts, and once again it was amazing! We spoke to Steve after the concert and he filled us (Rikk and Jon from aol) in more on the Purple situation.

We told him that Roger and Jon were involved on the amdp and Steve asked us to tell Roger Hello, and ask how the mix was coming. :-) He said Roger drove him to the airport when he was leaving for the tour and they were listening to the new Purple on the way. We asked about the track The Highland which was done in South Africa. Steve said it was a song he wrote and would play it to his son when he was putting him to bed. He played it to the Purple guys and they loved it. Steve said he didn't think the song was a Deep Purple song, and they replied that it is now. That is so cool! It has also been renamed The Aviator, and will be on the new album. As for the other songs, he wasn't too sure and that's when he told us to ask Roger! He said he felt really bad he couldn't be with them now, and said it was the first time he didn't see an album out to the end. He said he and the others are like brothers and that they have gone through a lot over the past year. He kept saying how great and intelligent they are and how he felt so bad he wasn't with them. However, he was very happy to be talking to the kids from the school about guitar playing. He told them it was great going out to see music, and he knows its hard when you have so much school work to do. He was telling one guy tips on how to practice and another a full description of his equipment. He is so cool! He was a little nervous when he signed Rikk's Purple Sunshine bootleg. He wasn't too sure he wanted people hearing it, and didn't want them to get the wrong idea of the band! He talked with everyone for about an hour, long after the others had left. It was a great night, thanks to Rikk and Jon for the company.

Brendan Johnston
I coulda been a winner if i'd played my cards
now I'm picking up junk in my backyard
coulda been a doctor but I cought a cold
I coulda been. . . or so I'm told
any chance that ever came my way
it musta gone via Miami

Gillan/Glover 1988 - Via Miami

Svante Pettersson 03 december 1995

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