Subject: Steve Morse - Storres, Oct 14 Review 
From: (GillansInn) 
Date: 17 Oct 1995 08:08:00 -0400 

I attended the second Steve Morse Guitar Summit show at the University Of Connecticut, and once again Steve was amazing. I was able to watch a lengthy sound check during the afternoon, and it sounded like Steve could have been playing a new Purple tune. After the show I met up with fellow amdp reader Mahesh Srinivas and his finance, who were great people. Together we met Steve who had a lot of funny and nice things to say about Purple.

When asked how they know when to work an idea into a song Steve said it was simple. Ian is always dancing in the studio. If he dances to an idea, they work on it. If he doesn't they drop it!

He called Roger the leader of DP, and spoke of him very highly. He said that he and Ian Paice can be working on something and Roger will sneak in and record it. Later, Roger will play it back when they didn't even see the potential.

He said the album has good straight ahead rock as well as some weird stuff. He said something about Jon playing through Marshall stacks, maybe Jon can explain that.

Steve said the new album really is excellent and would do great world wide. However, a excellent album doesn't mean anything in the US, so they didn't really know how it would do. He said to a certain degree, the US tour would depend on how it does. Steve said in Texas and Florida, with no promotion or album they still were OK attendence wise, so he didn't seem worried.

Overall, he just seemed really proud to be in DP and was very nice to talk to. He made a joke that I knew more about their touring plans than he did. Well, that's thanks to amdp!

Brendan Johnston
I coulda been a winner if i'd played my cards
now I'm picking up junk in my backyard
coulda been a doctor but I cought a cold
I coulda been. . . or so I'm told
any chance that ever came my way
it musta gone via Miami

Gillan/Glover 1988 - Via Miami

Svante Pettersson 03 december 1995

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