[% title = 'Steve Morse live in Del Ray Beach, FL Dec. 28, 1996' %]


Seeing Steve playing is one unbeliavable experience for anyone who loves a guitar sound.

I and my wife had the opportunity to check him live last saturday Dec-28 in Del Ray Beach in a small venue called Musicians Exchange.

The show began at 8:45 PM and finished about 10:20 PM. It was great. The house was packed but as it is a cafe, we had dinner during the show !! and I guess it had about 150 people there. In fact a very small house for the talented Steve.

He played there in 81 with the Dregs and 91 with Steve Morse Band. The stage was very small, so Steve couldn't move so much, but the man is brilliant. It is really good to see a guitar plyer with his name playing in small stage like this one like he was a kid or a beginner who plays in restaurants, cafes.

He played most of his show was Dixie Dregs, and the last two albums, StressFest and Structural Damage. Dave Larue is also a really good bass player.

After the show he signed my Purpendicular CD, I took pictures during the show and after the show of him and talked to him a little bit because there would be another show at 11:00 PM.

Me and my wife told him we were from Brazil and he confirmed that Deep Purple will be there in March.

Deep Purple , How about Florida ?????? Don't forget us next year.

He is very gentle, simple and a great guy. I admire him so much, he is just the best. And the simplest things are the best. Steve - God bless you !!. Be in Purple or not , keep on rockin' and being this fenomenal being that we are sure you are by talking to you only for 3 or 4 minutes.