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A Steve Morse Discography

This was taken from Kevin Ferguson's Homepage
             Dixie Dregs and Related Bands Discography

(Dixie) Dregs:
 The Dixie Dregs: The Great Spectacular          1976  Capricorn
    (demo pressing - never released)
 The Dixie Dregs: Freefall                       1977  Polydor
 The Dixie Dregs: What If                        1978  Polydor
 The Dixie Dregs: Night of the Living Dregs      1979  Polydor
 The Dixie Dregs: Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll     1979  Minotauro Records
 The Dixie Dregs: Dregs of the Earth             1980  Arista
 The Dregs:       Unsung Heroes                  1981  Arista
 The Dixie Dregs: Live in New York 1981          1981  Four Aces Records
 The Dregs:       Industry Standard              1982  Arista
 The Dixie Dregs: Best of the Dixie Dregs        1987  Grand Slamm 
 The Dregs:       Off the Record                 1988  Ensoniq 
 The Best of the Dregs: Divided We Stand         1989  Arista
 The Dixie Dregs: Bring 'Em Back Alive           1992  Capricorn
 The Dixie Dregs: Full Circle                    1994  Capricorn

(Dixie) Dregs on compilations:
  Hotels, Motels, and Road Shows                 1978  Capricorn

=====   Steve Morse   =====

The Steve Morse Band:
 Two Faces                                       1984  Minotauro Records
 The Introduction                                1984  Elektra
 Stand Up                                        1985  Elektra
 High Tension Wires (solo)                       1989  MCA
 Southern Steel                                  1991  MCA
 Coast to Coast                                  1992  MCA
 Structural Damage                               1995  Windham Hill/High Street Records
 Stressfest (new album in 1996)                  1996  Windham Hill/High Street Records

Steve with Deep Purple:
 Purpendicular                                   1996  BMG/RCA

Steve with Kansas:
 Power                                           1986  MCA
 In The Spirit Of Things                         1988  MCA

Steve's guest appearances:
 Steve Walsh: Schemer Dreamer                    1980  Kirshner/CBS
 Triumph: Surveillance                           1987  MCA
 Lynyrd Skynyrd: Southern By The Grace Of God/   1988  MCA
                 Tribute Tour '87
 Rossington Band: Love Your Man                  1988  MCA
 Jeff Watson: Lone Ranger                        1992  Shrapnel
 Coven, Pitrelli, O. Reilly: CPR                 1992  Guitar Recordings
 Rob Cassel: Steve appears on two of his releases
 Marcal Dadi (guitarist)

Steve on compilations:
 Guitar's Practicing Musicians                   1989  Guitar Recordings
 Ski Patrol soundtrack                           1990
 Guitar's Practicing Musicians Volume 2          1991  Guitar Recordings
 Guitar Speak III                                1991  IRS

Steve is supposedly appearing on upcoming releases by:
Michael Manring: Thonk! (due in 2/94 on Windham Hill)
 Z (on Barking Pumpkin?)

More about Steve Morse in Jouni's discography pages.

Discography by Kevin Ferguson. Updated april 12, 1996 by Svante Pettersson. Thanks to Collin O'Brien.