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From: Fedor de Lange
Date: 04.11.95
subject: Kotzen about Deep Purple tribute album
Yes I am on a new deep purple tribute album called deep purple acording to
new york... It features me, cindy blackmon from lenny kravitz group, tm
stevens, members of parliment, living colour, and a host of others... it
features way more soulful versions of the old classic purple tunes... it was
a fun record to be a part of.. I know its out in japan but I dont know about
the rest of the world...
Peace Out!!!

Also from the newsgroup:

From: (GillansInn)
Subject: Black Night - DP Tribute Review
Date: 26 Nov 1995 06:43:44 -0500

     The new DP tribute CD is out now, and it is AMAZING!  The full
title is - Black Night, Deep Purple Tribute, According To New York,
Produced And Arranged By T.M. Stevens.  Try asking for that at your
local record store :-) Here is the track list with the vocalist and
the guitarist listed after:

Black Night - Joe Lynn Turner, Al Pitrelli/Vinnie Moore
Strange Kind Of Woman - Richie Kotzen
Fireball - Corey Glover, Pitrelli/Kotzen
Smoke On The Water - Kotzen
Child In Time - Tony Harnell/Stevens, Kotzen
Woman From Tokyo - Kotzen
Space Truckin' - Harnell,Kotzen
Stormbringer - Turner, Kotzen
Speed King - Turner, Pitrelli/Moore
Burn - Corey Glover, Lars Y. Loudamp (aka Yingwie Malmsteen)

     Bass on all tracks is TM Stevens who also does some vocals.
Drums are mostly by Will Calhoun.  Not all tracks have keyboards, but
those that do are by Bernie Worrell.
     This album is really funky and the arrangements are totally
changed but that is what makes this album great.  I'm not a big funk
fan, but this album is easy to get into.  Joe Lynn Turner puts in an
excellent performance on this CD.  Most of all this CD has identity
which the Shrapnel CD lacked.  Check it out!  It can be ordered from
Buccaneer Records.  (410)931-9380.  Tell John that Brendan sent you!

Brendan Johnston
I coulda been a winner if i'd played my cards   
now I'm picking up junk in my backyard          
coulda been a doctor but I cought a cold       
I coulda been. . . or so I'm told                       
any chance that ever came my way        
it musta gone via Miami

Gillan/Glover 1988 - Via Miami                 

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