Sacre Bleu

This came out of a discussion regarding Gillan lyrics apparently in poor taste:

From: (GillansInn)
Subject: Re: Stupid lyrics ruin a lot of good songs ?
Date: 25 Nov 1995 03:35:48 -0500
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     Regarding the Gillan lyrics to Not Weird Enough and Sacre Bleu,
there is a story behind them that is not getting mentioned here.
First of all, I don't want to sound like I am just defending Gillan.
I agree these lyrics are in poor taste, but this is what Gillan claims
Sacre Bleu is about, and I'm assuming Not Weird Enough as well.

     At one point, Ian was really close with some members of a police
department in the UK.  At one point a bunch of news reporters were at
the police station when a woman came in claiming she had been raped.
The reporters were outraged at how rude the officers were to this
woman and how they didn't believe her.  The officer in charge of this
case was fired for all the bad media attention that it brought to the

     What the press failed to realize was that this woman was a
hooker, and when ever she didn't get paid or didn't like her "client"
she would claim she was raped.  This police officers disbelief of this
woman was due to the fact that she came to the station once a week
claiming she had been raped.  In particular, Sacre Blue is in defense
of police who get a bad reputation, and a man "accused of a bad case
of rape".

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