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                               $   $   || ||   $  by Michalis Siochos
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                                  $$     _/    $  "dedicated to Tony Iommi"


BLACK SABBATH have been around in one form or another really since about 1968.
They are the inventors of Heavy Metal - the dark princes of rock. With drugs,
occultism, satan and horror they created their own image which was a major
influence of thousand other bands following their steps with making the 
hardest music as possible. Due to the 25 years long career of Black Sabbath
several line up changes and lots of ups and downs were on the way. 

This FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) gives as much as possible Black Sabbath
related information concerning all of the important parts which come to our
mind. This list is a result of many many discussions through the Black Sabbath
Mailing List. It took many time to type it and so hopefully it's good for you!
Enjoy reading it!



FAQ Contents
1.  The Black Sabbath family tree 
2.  Album Discography 
3.  Single Discography 
4.  Video Discography 
5.  Unreleased songs 
6.  Bootleg Album Discography 
7.  Birthdays 
8.  When/Why did Ozzy leave Sabbath 
9.  When/Why did Dio leave Sabbath 
10. Tony Iommi And Jethro Tull (+)
11. Content of the different Sabbath songs 
12. Black Sabbath Fan Club Info 
13. Song credits and other information 
14. Cover Versions done by various bands and by Black Sabbath 
15. Chart positions 
16. Black Sabbath songs not played in concert 
17. Famous Quotes. 
18. Band stories.
19. Bands who have opened for Black Sabbath 
20. Important dates in history of Black Sabbath
21. Black Sabbath equipment info. 
22. Black Sabbath music transcriptions. 
23. Official books about Black Sabbath or something compareable 
24. The Black Sabbath Mailing List 
25. Why differences between european and US releases 
26. Black Sabbath on 'ftp' sites 
27. Tony Iommi profile 
28. Mysterious track on 'Sabotage'
29. Who is doing the singing on "Swinging The Chain" 
30. Tony Iommi's fingers of his right hand 
31. Sideprojects and guest appearance of Black Sabbath members 
32. Did you know?
33. Thanks list 


1. The Black Sabbath family tree

                            POLKA TULK/EARTH
                      (Autumn 1967 - January 1969)

       Line Up: Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), 
                Geezer Butler (bass), Bill Ward (drums)
       Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler had been in Rare Reed.
       Tony Iommi and Bill Ward had been in Mythology and Cumbria.
       For a short time the band has also one man for piano and one
       man for sax. But that's just a rumour.

                            BLACK SABBATH #1a
                     (January 1969 - September 1977)

       Line Up: Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), 
                Geezer Butler (bass), Bill Ward (drums)
       The band changed their name after realizing that there is another 
       band also called Earth. Black Sabbath was an old horror movie with
       Boris Karloff and also one of the first songs they have written.
       During that period Black Sabbath had from time to time some man for
       the keyboard. For example Rick Wakeman (YES) played keyobards on
       "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", Don Airey joined Black Sabbath for the 
       "Never Say Die" album and tour. 1976 and 1977 Jeff Woodruffe definitely 
       played keyboard for Black Sabbath on 'Technical Ecstasy' and the
       following tour.

                            BLACK SABBATH #2
                      (October 1977 - January 1978)

       Line Up: Dave Walker (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), 
                Geezer Butler (bass), Bill Ward (drums)

       Ozzy Osbourne left the band due to alcohol problems, the death of his
       father and the divorcement from his first wife. He was replaced by
       Dave Walker, former member of Fleetwood Mac. This Line Up only appeard
       one time in BBC Midlands TV back in january 1978.

                            BLACK SABBATH #1b
                       (January 1978 - May 1979)

       Line Up: Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), 
                Geezer Butler (bass), Bill Ward (drums)

       Dave Walker was replaced because Ozzy Osbourne wanted to return and
       also the band wasn't satisfied at all with Dave Walker.  

                            BLACK SABBATH #3
                        (May 1979 - August 1980)

       Line Up: Ronnie James Dio (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer
                Butler (bass), Bill Ward (drums), Geoff Nicholls (keyboard)

       Ozzy Osbourne left again in 1979. They exist various stories about 
       his departure from Black Sabbath. So it's said that Tony Iommi fired
       him, that Geezer Butler and Bill Ward went to Ozzy Osbourne and told
       him that Tony Iommi has fired him or that Ozzy Osbourne split with
       Black Sabbath because he wanted it. He was replaced by former Elf and
       Rainbow singer Ronnie James Dio. For more information write to Tapio
       Keihanen ( The band also decided to have a fifth
       man permantly in the band for keyboards. Geoff Nicholls (ex-Quartz) was
       discovered by Tony Iommi who has produced one of Geoff Nicholls bands
       record. A confusing story about that time is that Geezer Butler left
       the band for a short time before the recordings for 'Heaven And Hell'
       but returned shortly. In first thought Geoff Nicholls should replace
       Geezer Butler but when Geezer returned he decides to stay and play 
       keyboards for Black Sabbath (Metal Hammer 24/89 [Dec 11-29, part of
       their Metal Decade special, section April 1980]).

                            BLACK SABBATH #4
                      (August 1980 - November 1982)

       Line Up: Ronnie James Dio (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler
                (bass), Vinny Appice (drums), Geoff Nicholls (keyboard)

       Bill Ward left Black Sabbath during the Heaven And Hell-Tour due to
       his drug and alcohol problems. He was replaced by ex-Axxis, Derringer
       drummer and brother of Carmine Appice, Vinny Appice who as been 
       suggested by Ronnie James Dio. Vinny's first gig took place in Hawaii
       on August 31st, if my memory serves. Less than month before that Bill
       Ward had left a day before the Hawaii gig, so they had to postpone it
       and the rest of the tour.

                            BLACK SABBATH #5
                     (January 1983 - January 1984)

       Line Up: Ian Gillan (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler
                (bass), Bill Ward (drums), Geoff Nicholls (keyboard)

       Ronnie James Dio and Vinny Appice split from Black Sabbath. They are
       many rumours about that time. Ronnie James Dio was blamed to go at
       night in the studio because he wanted to mix his voice more in the
       foreground. Ronnie James Dio mentioned that Geezer Butler was only
       able to decide between a sandwich or a new beer in a restaurant and
       nothing else more. At the end it looks really like Tony Iommi and
       Ronnie James Dio both had problems with their attitude about how
       important they were. The new man on vocals was Ian Gillan, the 
       legendary singer of Deep Purple. Bill Ward rejoined Black Sabbath.

                            BLACK SABBATH #6
                       (January 1983 - March 1984)

       Line Up: Ian Gillan (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler
                (bass), Bev Bevan (drums), Geoff Nicholls (keyboard)

       Bill Ward has to left again because he wasn't able to stop drinking.
       He is replaced by Bev Bevan, ex-Electric Light Orchestra drummer.

                            BLACK SABBATH #7
                          (somewhere in 1984)

       Line Up: Dave Donato (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler
                (bass), Bev Bevan (drums), Geoff Nicholls (keyboard)

       After having problems with his voice Ian Gillan left Black Sabbath
       and reformed Deep Purple. Ian Gillan had just claimed that he can't
       sing because of throat problems he was experiencing.. and after he
       split the band he confessed that he did the Sabbath thing just for
       money. The new one on vocals is Dave Donato. Due to his awful KERRANG!-
       Interview he was fired. After that Geezer Butler left the band, having
       enough of all the Line Up changes. Black Sabbath split. Bev Bevan
       returned to Electric Light Orchestra.

                            BLACK SABBATH #1c
                            (13th July 1985)

       Line Up: Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), 
                Geezer Butler (bass), Bill Ward (drums)

       The first Black Sabbath Mark I gig for the Live Aid festival in years.
       The band played such classics as "Paranoid", "Iron Man" and "Children
       Of The Grave". After that concerts first rumours of a great Mark I
       re-union came up. But Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi were still solo.

                            BLACK SABBATH #8
                      (September 1985 - March 1986)

       Line Up: Glenn Hughes (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geoff Nicholls
                (keyboard), Dave Spitz (bass), Eric Singer (drums)

       Tony Iommi started recording his first solo album. After having various
       problems with the record company it was released under the name "Black
       Sabbath feat. Tony Iommi". On vocals was ex-Deep Purple/Trapeze bassist 
       and vocalist Glenn Hughes. On drums was Eric Singer, better known as
       ex-Badlands and now Kiss drummer. Guest on the record is Gordon Copley
       who plays bass on the song "No Stranger To Love".
                            BLACK SABBATH #9
                      (March 1986 - October 1986)

       Line Up: Ray Gillen (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geoff Nicholls
                (keyboard), Dave Spitz (bass), Eric Singer (drums)

       During the US tour Glenn Hughes had to left Black Sabbath. Again they
       are various rumours including drug problems, problems with his voice
       and personally problems between Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes. Glenn
       Hughes is replaced by Ray Gillen who is suggested by Dave Spitz. Ray
       Gillen is the ex-singer of the club band Rondinelli. Ray Gillen died
       in december 1993 in Los Angeles - RIP.

                            BLACK SABBATH #10
                      (October 1986 - August 1987)

       Line Up: Ray Gillen (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geoff Nicholls
                (keyboard), Bob Daisley (bass), Eric Singer (drums)
       Bassist Dave Spitz quits during the pre-production for the new album.
       The new one is ex-Ozzy Osbourne/Uriah Heep/Rainbow bassist Bob Daisley.

                            BLACK SABBATH #11
                      (August 1987 - January 1988)

       Line Up: Tony Martin (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geoff Nicholls
                (keyboard), Bob Daisley (bass), Eric Singer (drums)                

       Ray Gillen quits Black Sabbath and is replaced by ex-Alliance/Orion
       singer Tony "The Cat" Martin. They still exist some recordings for
       "The Eternal Idol" with Ray Gillen on vocals. Bev Bevan also did some
       percussion on "The Eternal Idol".

                            BLACK SABBATH #12
                      (February 1988 - March 1988)

       Line Up: Tony Martin (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geoff Nicholls
                (keyboard), Jo Burt (bass), Terry Chimes (drums)

       That Line Up was put together for the UK part of the Eternal Idol-Tour!

                            BLACK SABBATH #13
                        (October 1988 - May 1989)
       Line Up: Tony Iommi (guitar), Tony Martin (vocals), Geoff Nicholls
                (keyboard), Cozy Powell (drums), Laurence Cottle (bass)

       After the several changes and with a new record company Black Sabbath
       made their comeback. On drums was legendary Cozy Powell, known from 
       Whitesnake, Gary Moore Band and Rainbow. New bassist is Laurenc Cottle.
       Guest on the records is Brian May (Queen) for the song "When Death Calls".

                            BLACK SABBATH #14
                        (June 1989 - October 1990)
       Line Up: Tony Iommi (guitar), Tony Martin (vocals), Geoff Nicholls
                (keyboard), Cozy Powell (drums), Neil Murray (bass)

       Studio bassist Laurence Cottle had been replaced by former Vow Vow/
       Whitesnake/Gary Moore bassist Neil Murray.

                            BLACK SABBATH #15
                       (April 1991 - October 1992)
       Line Up: Ronnie James Dio (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler
                (bass), Vinny Appice (drums), Geoff Nicholls (keyboard)

       The great Re-Union ends Black Sabbath #14. Ronnie James Dio puts 
       his own band DIO on ice and returns together with Geezer Butler and
       Vinny Appice to make the most heaviest album Black Sabbath ever done.
       All are promising to keep their egotism out of the band.

                            BLACK SABBATH #1d
                          (15th November 1992)

       Line Up: Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), 
                Geezer Butler (bass), Bill Ward (drums)

       Ozzy Osbourne's last two concerts. Ozzy Osbournes invites Black Sabbath
       Mark I for a short jam after his last show. One track can be found on
       the video and live album Ozzy Osbourne - "Live & Loud". After that 
       show rumours of a big Mark I Re-Union Tour are going through the press.
       But the whole thing stoped when Ozzy Osbourne refused to sign the
       necessary contracts.

                            BLACK SABBATH #16
                        (14th & 15th November 1992)

       Line Up: Rob Halford (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geoff Nicholls
                (keyboard), Geezer Butler (bass), Vinny Appice (drums)

       Ronnie James Dio refused to support Ozzy Osbourne. So Rob Halford
       joined Black Sabbath for that two gigs.

                            BLACK SABBATH #17
                    (December 1993 - Oktober 1994)

       Line Up: Tony Martin (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler
                (bass), Bobby Rondinelli (drums), Geoff Nicholls (keyboard)

       Due to the re-union plans of Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler, Ronnie
       James Dio and Vinny Appice left again Black Sabbath and reformed their
       own band DIO, wishing Black Sabbath all the best for the future.
       For the new record Tony Martin returns to the band. Cozy Powell is
       on tour with Brian May, so the new drummer is ex-Rainbow man Bobby
       Rondinelli. The track "Evil Eye" on "Cross Purposes" was co-written
       by Eddie Van Halen.

                            BLACK SABBATH #18
                             (Oktober 1994)

       Line Up: Tony Martin (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler
                (bass), Bill Ward (drums), Geoff Nicholls (keyboard)

       Bill Ward returns for three gigs in South America (Chile, Argentina and
       Brazil, supporting KISS) to check the situation in the band.

                            BLACK SABBATH #19
                       (Oktober 1994 - the present)

       Line Up: Tony Martin (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Neil Murray
                (bass), Cozy Powell (drums), Geoff Nicholls (keyboard)

       Bill Ward decides not to join Black Sabbath. Geezer Butler also leaves.
       He isn't satisfied with Tony Iommi and the work they've done for the
       "Nativity In Black" sampler. So Cozy Powell returns to the band. Neil
       Murray comes back too, at first only to help out in the studios but 
       later on he decided to stay in the band. Rumours came up that Tony
       Iommi becomes more and more "king of Black Sabbath" which leads to the
       split with Geezer Butler and Bill Ward. Other say that Tony Iommi and
       Gloria Butler had some discussions about the mixing of Cross Purposes
       which lead to the split with Geezer.

2. Album Discography

An up-to-date version of the Black Sabbath Discography is available through
the Black Sabbath Mailing list. For more details see 24.

3. Single Discography

The Black Sabbath Single Discography is included in the Black Sabbath
Discogrpahy which is available through the Black Sabbath Mailing List.
For more details see 24.

4. Video Discography
                   * NEVER SAY DIE - LIVE IN CONCERT *
               Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, 19/6/1978

                         SYMPTOM OF THE UNIVERSE
                                WAR PIGS
                              NEVER SAY DIE
                              BLACK SABBATH
                               DIRTY WOMAN
                          ROCK AND ROLL DOCTOR
                             ELETRIC FUNERAL
                          CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE 

              OZZY OSBOURNE (vocals), GEEZER BUTLER (bass),
                 TONY IOMMY (guitar), BILL WARD (drums)

              * THE BLACK SABBATH STORY PART I * 1970-1978 *

                      [Filmed in Concert, Paris, 1970]
                [Rare black & white TV footage, Belgium, 1970]
                                 WAR PIGS
                      [Filmed in Concert, Paris, 1970]
                           CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE
                           [California Jam, 1974]
                   [The Hammersmith Odeon, London, 1978]
                           SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH
          [Unique colour footage from their Conceptual Video, 1973]
                          SYMPTOM OF THE UNIVERSE
                   [The Hammersmith Odeon, London, 1978]
                               IT'S ALRIGHT
             [Rare footage filmed in 1976, Bill Ward on vocals]
                            ROCK AND ROLL DOCTOR
                       [Rare footage filmed in 1976]
                               NEVER SAY DIE
                        [Top of the Pops ... 1978]

              OZZY OSBOURNE (vocals), GEEZER BUTLER (bass),
                 TONY IOMMY (guitar), BILL WARD (drums)

This definitve video retrospective feartures ten classic tracks from the 
original line-up of guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler, vocalist
Ozzy Osbourne and drummer Bill Ward. Covering Sabbath's first eight years
since emerging from Birmingham as unknowns in 1970, it includes that year's
seminal 'N.I.B.', 'Paranoid' - twice a hit record and their most influential
song - and the ultra heavy 'Children Of The Grave' from 1971's 'Master Of
Reality' LP. Fittingly, it climaxes with 'Never Say Die', Osbourne's Sabbath
swansong from 1978.

              * THE BLACK SABBATH STORY PART II * 1978-1992 *

                                HARD ROAD
                   [The Hammersmith Odeon, London, 1978]
                                DIE YOUNG
                      [Rainbow Theatre, London, 1980]
                               NEON KNIGHTS
                      [Rainbow Theatre, London, 1980]
                      [Montreal Forum, Canada, 1983]
                               ZERO THE HERO
                      [Montreal Forum, Canada, 1983]
                            NO STRANGER TO LOVE
                         [Los Angeles, USA, 1986]
                                THE SHINING
                               [London, 1987]
                               HEADLESS CROSS
                          [Battle Abbey, UK, 1989]
                              FEELS GOOD TO ME
                        [Lonson & Los Angeles, 1990]
                                 TV CRIMES
                        [Rockfield Studios, UK, 1992]
                               COMPUTER GOD
                        [Rockfield Studios, UK, 1992]
                                  I (live)
                      [Hammersmith Odeon, London, 1992]

                        various on vocals, bass and drums, 
                  GEOFF NICHOLLS (keyboard), TONY IOMMI (guitar)

Black Sabbath's decade of hard rock domination in the seventies was not to be
upset by the departure of Ozzy Osbourne. This video illustrates powerful 
performances through a variety of line-ups, culmination in the classic 'Mob
Rules' line-up. As a third decade gets under way, this second volume shows
why Sabbath remain the true masters of metal.

They exist two versions of "The Black Sabbath Story Volume II". The first one
is without 'I' and with a different mixing of the pictures. Sadly enough
'Hard Road', 'Trashed' and 'Zero The Hero' are cuted. 'Computer God' and 
'TV Crimes' show only some parts during the studio recordings. 'I' ends with
the solo of Iommi. Think twice before buying!

                            compilation & interview

                                 BLACK SABBATH
                             HEADLESS CROSS (video)
                            FEELS GOOD TO ME (video)
              SMOKE ON THE WATER (performed by Ian Gillan and Band)
                                LAGUNA SUNRISE
The definitive interview with Tony Iommi. Inventor of Heavy metal guitar sound
which powered Black Sabbath to world fame and inspired a host of imitators.
Using his own examples, Tony explains how Black Sabbath wrote, worked and
played together. Also featured is archive footage of vintage Black Sabbath
(most of the time Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, 19/6/1978) live on stage
and the previously unreleased promo videos of "Headless Cross" and "Feels Good
To Me".

                   *  BLACK AND BLUE  - LIVE IN CONCERT *
          Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY, USA on October 15th, 1980
                (50 % Black Sabbath, 50 % Blue Oyster Cult)

                                WAR PIGS
                              NEON KNIGHTS
                                IRON MAN
                             HEAVEN AND HELL
                                DIE YOUNG

              RONNIE JAMES DIO (vocals), GEEZER BUTLER (bass),
    TONY IOMMY (guitar), VINNY APPICE (drums), GEOFF NICHOLLS (keyboards)

                              LIVE AT LAST
                           - no information -

                   BLACK SABBATH LIVE IN PARIS, 20/12/1970             
          only available through various bootlegs and tape traders

                       BEHIND THE WALL OF SLEEP
                               WAR PIGS
                           BACKSTAGE VIEWS
                             HAND OF DOOM
                      (incl. parts of RAT SALAD)
                               IRON MAN
                             BLACK SABBATH

              OZZY OSBOURNE (vocals), GEEZER BUTLER (bass),
                 TONY IOMMY (guitar), BILL WARD (drums)

Black Sabbath Promo Clips, not available on any known commercial video:


- TRASHED (1983, full version)

- ZERO THE HERO (1983, full version)

- TV CRIMES (1992)


- IRON MAN (Beat Club, 1970)

- PARANOID (Beat Club, 1970)

- BLACK SABBATH (Beat Club, 1970)

- BLUE SUEDE SHOES (Beat Club, 1970)

Black Sabbath on various videos:

HARD'N'HEAVY - Volume 2, features parts of "Trashed" and a small interview
                         with Tony Iommi and Cozy Powell

OZZY OSBOURNE - 'LIVE & LOUD', contains 'Black Sabbath' from the Mark I 
                         reunion gig Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa,
                         Los Angeles, USA, 15/11/1992.

ROCK HARD VIDEO - Volume 7, features a small interview (about 5 minutes long)
                         with Tony Martin and Tony Iommi, from 1994

5. Unreleased songs

"THE ETERNAL IDOL DEMOS", unreleased demo with Ray Gillen on vocals. Complete
                          different mix and song variations. Includes the
                          whole album except 'Scarlet Pimpernel'.

"BLACK MOON", original version, different tempo, mix and lyrics.

"SOME KIND OF WOMAN", super fast song (faster than 'LAWMAKER').

"HEADLES CROSS DEMOS", unreleased demo, includes 'Headless Cross', 'Call Of
                           The Wild' and 'Black Moon' in different version.

"SONG FOR JIM", unreleased Earth Demo (previous band before Black Sabbath). 
                           Parts can be heard on the "Black Sabbath Story
                           Volume I" video!

"THE REBEL" unreleased Black Sabbath Demo. Parts can be heard on the
                           "Black Sabbath Story Volume I" video!

6. Bootleg Album Discography

The Black Sabbath Bootleg Album Discography with about 80 different bootleg
albums is available through the Black Sabbath Mailing List. For more details
see 24.

7. Birthdays

Ozzy Osbourne    (John Miachael Osbourne)  3th December 1948
Tony Iommi       (Frank Anthony Iommi)    19th February 1948
Bill Ward        (William Ward)                 5th May 1948
Geezer Butler    (Terence Butler)             17th July 1949  
Ronnie James Dio (Ronald James Padovana)      10th July 1940-1952 (?)
Ian Gillan                                  19th August 1945
Glenn Hughes                                  18th July 1950
Ray Gillen                                    12th July 1960
Cozy Powell                               29th December 1947
Geoff Nicholls                            29th February 19??
Tony Martin                                  19th April 19??   
Neil Murray                                 27th August 19??

8.  When/Why did Ozzy leave Sabbath

...for the first time

In september 1977 Ozzy left Black Sabbath. In the last years he had drunk
more and more. Due to his drug problems and after the death of his father
he wasn't able to stay any longer in the band. It was all to much to stand
for him. So he left Black Sabbath to re-organisate his life.

...for the second time

In may 1979 happened the final split between Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath.
The reason for that second split are not quite sure. Rumours said that Sabbath
did their 'Never Say Die' Tour as a kind of farewell tour and then wanted to
stop playing under this name. Tony Iommi is supposed to get together with 
Ronnie James Dio under the name but later on taken Geezer Butler and Bill
Ward with them under the name of 'Black Sabbath'.
Otherwise it's stated that Tony Iommi was so stressed by Ozzy Osbourne drug
problems and musically ideas that he simply droped him out of the band.
Tony Iommi himself said that Geezer Butler and Bill Ward went to Ozzy Osbourne
and told him that Tony Iommi has fired him but Tony Iommi has never told them
to do so.

...the re-union plans

The first chance of a big re-union came after the Live Aid Festival where
Black Sabbath got together to play a few songs. But both, Ozzy Osbourne and
Tony Iommi, were more interested in working on their own projects.
The second chance was after the jam due to Ozzy Osbournes so called last
concerts. The crowd, the band and everyone else where so enthusiastic that the
band thought about doing some big stadion shows. In the end the whole thing
went bigger and bigger so Ozzy Osbourne decided to stop it. He refused to sign
the necessary contracts. In the end all members of the band seemed to be very
lucky about that.

9. When/Why did Dio leave Sabbath

...for the first time

In 1982 Dio left Black Sabbath with the drummer Vinny Appice. After
the split there was a huge amount of press releases and interviews
from Black Sabbath where both Geezer Butler (bassist for Black Sabbath
and Tony Iommi (guitarist for Black Sabbath) told how Ronnie and Vinny
had sneaked in the night into the studios to mix low bass and
especially guitar and to mix up vocals and drums. Later, rather quietly,
Tony Iommi said that he was wrong with his accusations.

Ronnie and Vinny didn't like those accusations and decided to leave
together and form Dio (the band). This happened in October 1982. There
were other reasons behind too, like the way how Tony and Geezer left
the concert venues right after the show without meeting the fans
backstage etc.

The reason for Iommi's beliefs was the fact that he and Geezer couldn't
ever appear at the studios at the same time with Ronnie and Vinny. So
either of those parties didn't know too well what the others were doing. 1992

Originally, before the Dehumanizer album was released, the reunited
Black Sabbath was meant to be one-album-one-tour thing and nothing
more. But around the release of Dehumanizer album, Black Sabbath
members started to consider whether they would continue together
- the word said that time that if Dehumanizer does well, Dio will
continue in Sabbath. No official word was said about this, though.

However, quite soon after the Dehumanizer tour had started it came
apparent that there still were some problems. Ronnie and Vinny
always were in the other end of the tour bus than Tony and Geezer.
Those two parties didn't spend too much time together at all, and
Tony and Geezer still disappeared right after the shows - sometimes
only to the tour buss behind the venue, just to wait until Ronnie
and Vinny would come. Ronnie and Vinny usually spent a couple of
hours backstage with their fans.

When Ozzy invited Black Sabbath to open his "last" two shows,
Ronnie decided that he will not do those shows. He didn't want
to open to anyone, let alone Ozzy Osbourne, one of the original
Black Sabbath members. He announced to Black Sabbath that they're
free to do anything they want, but he will quit from Black Sabbath
just before those two shows in Costa Mesa. Incidentally, the original
contract Ronnie had made with Black Sabbath, was valid until November
13th, 1992 and those two Costa Mesa shows were scheduled to
November 14th and 15th.

Those Costa Mesa shows were only the final nail for Ronnie's
quitting from Black Sabbath. According to Ronnie himself, the
fact that the band athmosphere hadn't changed in the 10 years was
much more important reason for his quitting.

written by Tapio Keihanen (

10. Tony Iommi And Jethro Tull

Tony Iommi left Black Sabbath/Earth in 1969 to join Jethro Tull. Before that
Abrahms left Jethro Tull because Ian Anderson wanted to take the band into a
more progressive, rocky phase. Ambrahms prefered the Blues jazz of 'THIS WAS'.
He formed a solo outfit called BLOODY PIG. It never went anywhere. He has a
new solo album out called WHEN ITS ALL SAID AND DONE. Not bad. Iommi joined
as full member and performed at the stones' "ROCK'N'ROLL CIRCUS" gig. The gig
was an invite only of all the bands the Stones liked alot. Janis Joplin was
there, also, Jimi Hendrix and The Who played as well at the Stones bash.
Their section was released for the KIDS ARE ALRIGHT movie. Tull deffinetely
played. A picture of this lineup can be found in the book on the film. The
Stones never released the film because their own performance sucked and it 
made no sense for them to release a film with their musical rivals that only
highlighted their mucsical ineptness. But on the bootlegs "Archangel" (double
LP) and "Archangel Rides Again" (CD) you can hear the last song of the gig
'Song For Jeffrey' with Tony Iommi on guitar. A picture of this lineup can be
found in the book on the film "The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus". They
are no officials recordings of Jethro Tull with Tony Iommi. Sometimes you also
can get an unofficial copy of the film on video. They are definitely some.
Tony Iommi left the band after one month under a cloud. It seems that Ian 
Anderson didn't want a drug smoker in the band. This despite the fact that on
a 1969 bootleg of the group in concert he talks of cutting of the bass player's
fingernails and smoking them. Tony Iommi said that things didn't work out
because Tull had a definite leader (Ian Anderson) so he went back to Black 
Sabbath and Martin Barre became Tull's new guitar player.

11. Content of the different Sabbath songs

After All (The Dead):
           This song deals with the life after death. Is there a
           hell? Is there a heaven? What happens to your soul? It's about
           communicating with the afterlife.

After Forever:
           The bands personal statement towards god. Funny enough the band
           was blamed for blasphemy because that one. It's a pro christian

Am I Going Insane (Radio):
           Radio rental = mental. Hence  "Am I Going Insane (radio)" means
           "Am I Going Insane (mental)".

Back Street Kids:
           Rock'n'Roll music as the only philosophy!

Back To Eden:
           Is it to idealistic to hope that we can return a simpler, more 
           altruistic time when peace was the norm?

Buried Alive:
           A guy is told everything. He is told what to do and what not to do.
           So he screams for help. The world becomes a coffin to him who is 
           to be closed soon.

Cardinal Sin:
           There are those religious leaders who preach one thing whilst 
           practising another.

Children Of The Grave:
           What happens to the children when the parents don't change their
           way of life?

Computer God:
           The world is ruled by computers. The Computer becomes god and 
           names become numbers. Humanity becomes computerized.

           Cornucopia comes from Latin ('cornu copiae') and means same as
           'Fullhorn' (u with dots) in German. Cornucopia is of course a symbol/
           metaphor of wealth and fertility. The name is more than sufficient
           since the song criticizes the so called modern prosperity.

Cross Of Thorns:
           The anger and frustration felt in Ireland by the young people under
           the pressure of religious intolerance.

Dirty Woman:
           The never ending hunger for sex.

Disturbing The Priest:
           The idea to that title came up during the recordings of "Born Again"
           while Sabbath were rehearsing in the near of a church. Every day 
           a parson came up and complaints about the loud music wich disturbs

Dying For Love:
           The pain felt by ordinary people in war-torn Yugoslavia.

Evil Eye:
           In today's society, nobody is safe from unwelcome intrusion into
           their private lives.

Fairies Wear Boots:
           A song that was written after Black Sabbath had been kicked off by
           a group of skinheads.

Headless Cross:
           A true story that happend in the Middle Ages while the pestilence
           was going through europe. A small village called "Headles Cross"
           also was amazed with that illness. Instead of doing something 
           against it the people only went to the hill of the headless cross
           where they prayed to god for help. No one survived.

           An individual declaration for independance. I need nobody to help
           me. I'm invincible.

I Witness: 
           This deals with the way in which youngsters today are hounded by
           religious fanatics.

Immaculate Deception:
           A tale of religious deception.

Into The Void:
           About the environment which is more and more destroyed by the
           modern society.

Iron Man:
           A man makes a time travel into the future of the world. He sees
           the apocalypse. When he comes back he tries to warn the world but
           nobody takes care of him. So he gets mad and has revenge on mankind.
           In the end it becomes clear that he is the reason for the apocalypse.

Letters From Earth:
           This songs is inspired by many letters Black Sabbath 
           received. Letters from people who are in prison, who live in
           the real world. It's for ordinary people so they can see that
           Black Sabbath understand their problems.

Master Of Insanity:
           The song is about what we as human beings are doing to the rest
           of humanity and what we are doing to our planet. All the problems
           that no one seems to want to address - Aids, overpopulation, acid
           rain, people living on the streets - are represented in Master Of
           Insanity. The way to defeat it is by reaching out to other people
           and doing something for the world around you.

           The devil fells in love with a human and becomes a total different
           person. The title has nothing to do with the content of the song.

           The story of a loser who isn't able to fit in the real life.

           Extreme cults can easily influence and mislead impressionable kids
           in todays society.

Rock'n'Roll Doctor:
           A psychiatrist who heals the people with the help of Rock'n'Roll

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath:
           An execution of a soul.

Sins Of The Father:
           A child who loves his father more than evrything else. 
           Sadly enough, his father has done many mistakes. But the child
           has to learn to live alone, to be hisself and to walk out of the
           shadow of his father. Be your own person, fly with your own wings!

           Mankinds great dream to reach one day the stars.

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle:
           The horrific story of nurse Beverly Allit, responsible for the
           deaths of number of children.

The Seventh Star:
           An old idea how the world goes on. Things comes and things go it's
           an never ending turning/circle. The seventh star marks the seventh
           coming or going of the world!

Time Machine:
           Don't only do what other people tell you. Make your own decisions
           and attitudes. You only have to dream a little bit more.

Too Late: 
           A guy who has made a pact with the devil. He is able to get
           everything he wants. But in the end he has to pay. He tries to
           escape that curse, but it's too late.

           The text is written by Ian Gillan and describes his experience
           with an accident he had with his car during the recording of
           "Born Again". He was drunken.

TV Crimes:
           A song about TV preachers who take as much money as possible
           from the people. Televangelist, a "give-me-eight-million-dollars-
           or-I'm-gonna-die" track. It's a crime.

Virtual Death:
           If you're not careful, you can get lost in a confused of mind.

War Pigs:
           The deduction with the politicians who send their innocent
           citizens into the wars. "It's about the sad shape that our world
           is in." (Ronnie James Dio, 1992).

Zero The Hero:
           The story of a loser.

12. Black Sabbath Fan Club Info

                            SOUTHERN CROSS

     A Black Sabbath Fanzine by fans for fans. This mag is released about
     every 3-4 months. The newest issue can be get for two english pound 
                              Peter Scott
                        102 Queens Park Gardens
                           Cheshire, CW2 7SW


     The german Black Sabbath Fan Club works since april 1994 with official
     permission and support by the band management. A fanzine called "Children
     Of The Sabbath" is send to a member about 5-7 times per year. Also you
     can get official Black Sabbath live photos and the newest information
     about the band. Everything is in german! For a complete info paper send
     stamped and self-addressed envelop or 2 I.R.C.s to:

                    Black Sabbath Fan Club Deutschland
                           c/o Alexander Rack
                              14171  Berlin
                      Tel/FAX: (+49) (030) 824 67 99

                            THANKS GOD IT'S SABBATH

     A Black Sabbath Fanzine in French language. Only interviews since
     issue #5 are printed in French and in English. The 'zine comes in
     great size. Volume I (28 pages), Volume II (28 pages), Volume III
     (28 p), Volume IV (46 pages), Volume V (40 pages) and Volume VI 
     (40 pages) are available as back issues. For any details write at:

                               Thierry Bauwens
                                5  rue Fernel
                              80500  Montdidier

13. Song credits and other information

1970  Black Sabbath
      All songs written by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler,
      Bill Ward [except "Evil Woman" - Wiegard/Wiegard/Waggenor (by band
      called 'Crow' from Duluth, Minnesota) and "Warning" - Dunbar].
      The album was recorded in only 2 days for 600 English Pound. Release
      date was Friday, 13th February 1970. Single: Evil Woman. Reissued in
      December 1973 and January 1976.

1970  Paranoid

      All songs written by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler,
      Bill Ward. Recorded in only 5 days and released on 18th September 1970.
      Single: Paranoid. Reissued in December 1973 and January 1976.

1971  Master of Reality

      "After Forever", "Embryo" and "Orchid" written by Tony Iommi, all
      all others by Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne.
      Released in July 1971 and has sold over 500.000 units in the US before
      being released. No single.  Reissued in December 1973 and January 1976.

1972  Volume 4

      All songs written by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler,
      Bill Ward. Released in September 1972. Single: Tomorrow's Dream.
      Reissued in December 1973 and January 1976.

1973  Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

      All songs written by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler,
      Bill Ward. Keyboards played by Rick Wakeman (YES). Released in
      December 1973. Single: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Reissued in June 1980.

1975  Sabotage

      All songs written by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler,
      Bill Ward. English Chamber Choir arranged by Will Malone. Released
      in July 1975. Single: Am I Going Insane (Radio). Reissued in June 1980.

1976  Technical Ecstasy

      All songs written by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler,
      Bill Ward. Keyboards played by Gerald Woodruffe. Bill Ward sings
      on 'It's Alright'. Released in October 1976. No Single.

1978  Never Say Die

      All songs written by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler,
      Bill Ward. Released in October 1978. First single: Never Say Die,
      second single: Hard Road.

1980  Heaven And Hell

      Music written and arranged by Geezer Butler, Ronnie James Dio,
      Tony Iommi, Bill Ward. Lyrics by Ronnie James Dio. Released in April
      1980 UK and May 1980 USA. First Single: Neon Knights, Second Single:
      Die Young.

1981  Mob Rules

      Music written and arranged by Geezer Butler, Ronnie James Dio,
      Tony Iommi. Lyrics by Ronnie James Dio. Released in October 1981 UK
      and November 1981 USA. First Single: Mob Rules, Second Single: Turn
      Up The Night.

1983  Born Again

      All songs written by Ian Gillan, Bill Ward, Tony Iommi, Geezer 
      Butler except for "Hot Line" and "Keep It Warm" written by Ian
      Gillan, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler. Released in August 1983. No single.

1986  Seventh Star [Black Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi]

      Music and lyrics by Tony Iommi. Additional lyrics by Geoff Nicholls,
      Jeff Glixman and Glenn Hughes. Released in Feburary 1986. Single:
      No Stranger To Love.

1987  Eternal Idol

      All tracks by Tony Iommi. Released in November 1987. No single.

1989  Headless Cross

      All tracks written by Black Sabbath (Tony Iommi, Geoff Nicholls, Tony
      Martin, Laurence Cottle). Release date: 24th April 1989 (Europe). First
      Single: Headless Cross, second single: Devil And Daughter/Call Of The
      Wild (Germany). Guest star is Brian May (Queen) on "When Death Calls".

1990  TYR

      All songs by Black Sabbath  (Tony Iommi, Geoff Nicholls, Tony Martin,
      Neil Murray). All lyrics by Tony Martin. All arrangements by Black
      Sabbath. Release date: 20th August 1990. Single: Feels Good To Me.

1992  Dehumanizer

      All songs written by Geezer Butler, Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi.
      Release date: 22th June 1992. First single: TV Crimes, second single:
      Master Of Insanity (Germany).

1994  Cross Purposes

      All songs written by Geezer Butler, Tony Martin, Tony Iommi.
      Eddie Van Halen has co-written "Evil Woman". Release date: 31th 
      January 1994. No single.

14. Cover Versions done by various bands and by Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath songs covered by various Bands:

Song                     Band                       available on
Supernaut                1000 Homo DJs (feat. Al    Nativity In Black (Sampler)        
                         Jourgensen of Ministry)    
Supernaut (alternative
Version)                 1000 Homo DJs              "Wax Trax Black Box"
War Pigs                 Alice Donut                ???
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath   Anthrax                    "I'm the Man" EP
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath   Anthrax                    "Axe The Odeon Down"
                (live)                              Bootleg
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath   Belphegor                  "Obscure And Deep" Single
Paranoid                 Big Country                "Ships(Where Were You)" CD2
After Forever            Biohazard                  Nativity In Black (Sampler)
                                                    & Nativity In Black (Maxi-CD)
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath   Bruce Dickinson w/Godspeed Nativity In Black (Sampler)
Lord Of This World       Brutal Truth               Masters Of Misery (Sampler)
                                                    & "Perpetual Conversion" EP
Electric Funeral         Brutality                  "When The Sky Turns Black"
The Wizard               Bullring Brummies (Geezer  Nativity In Black (Sampler)
                         Butler, Bill Ward, Wino
                         and Rob Halford)           
Sweet Loaf [sic]         Butthole Surfers           "Locust Abortion Technician"
Sweet Leaf               Cadaver                    Eternal Masters (Sampler)
                                                    & Masters Of Misery (Sampler)
Black Sabbath Medley:
(Symptom Of The Universe
 Sweet Leaf
 Into The Void
 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
 Black Sabbath
 Electric Funeral)       Candlemass                 "Ancient Dreams" (CD only)
Zero The Hero            Cannibal Corpse            Eternal Masters (Sampler)
                                                    & "Hammer Smashed Face" EP
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath   Cardigans                  ? Album from 1994
Solitude                 Cathedral                  Nativity In Black (Sampler,
                                                    Bonustrack) & Masters Of
                                                    Misery (Sampler)
Solitude (Mix)           Cathedral                  "Twylight Songs" EP
Shock Wave               Cathedral                  Masters Of Misery (Sampler)
St. Vitus Dance          Cathedral                  Nativity In Black (Maxi-CD)
The Wizard               Cathedral                  "Statik Majik" (Japan-CD)
Wheels Of Confusion      Cathedral                  Nativity In Black (Maxi-CD)
Hole In The Sky          Coffin Break               Eternal Masters (Sampler)
                                                    & "Coffin Break"
Hole In The Sky          Confessor                  Masters Of Misery (Sampler)
Snowblind                Cords                      Eternal Masters (Sampler)
Lord Of This World       Corrosion of Comformity    Nativity In Black (Sampler)
Black Sabbath            Dance or Die               "Psychoburbia"
Symptom Of The Universe  Deathwish                  "Demon Preacher"
After Forever            Deliverance                "What a Joke"
Paranoid                 Desecration (Arizona)      "1985 demo"
Paranoid                 Dickies                    "The Dickies" (78rpm Maxi)
Sweet Teeth(Sweet Leaf)  Dickless                   "Teriyaki Asthma Volume 3"
Hole In The Sky          Doom                       ???
Into The Void            Dr. Know                   "Wreckage in Flesh"
Tomorrow's Dream         ELD                        The Legacy 1990 (Sampler)
Into The Void            Exhorder                   Eternal Masters (Sampler)
                                                    & "The Law" album
Paranoid                 Extra Hot Sauce            "Taco Of Death"
Mob Rules                Face Value                 "Kick It Over" (CD only?)
War Pigs                 Faith No More              "The Real Thing"
War Pigs (live)          Faith No More              Nativity In Black (Sampler)
                                                    & "Live At The Brixton
Changes                  Fudge Tunnel               Masters Of Misery (Sampler)
Zero The Hero            Godflesh                   Masters Of Misery (Sampler)
Hole In The Sky          Godspeed                   "Ride" (Single)
Symptom Of The Universe  Helmet                     "The Jerky Boys" (Motion
                                                    Picture Soundtrack)
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath   In the Colonnades          The Legacy 1990 (Sampler)
                                                    & "Scrap Metal Values"
Paranoid (Mix)           Inspiral Carpets           "Uniform" (Maxi-CD)
She's Gone (live)        Iron Maiden                "The Whole Population Of
                                                     Hackney" (Bootleg LP)
Electric Funeral         Jesters of Destiny         Eternal Masters (Sampler)
Behind The Wall Of Sleep Macabre                    "Behind The Wall Of Sleep"
Children Of The Grave    Master                     "Master"
Paranoid                 Megadeth                   Nativity In Black (Sampler)
Who Are You?             New Clear Family           The Legacy 1990 (Sampler)
Who Are You?             Old                        Eternal Masters (Sampler)
                                                    & Masters Of Misery (Sampler)
Symptom Of The Universe  Omnitron                   The Legacy 1990 (Sampler)
Supernaut                On Target                  The Legacy 1990 (Sampler)
Paranoid                 Oven & Stove               The Legacy 1990 (Sampler)
Hole In The Sky          Overkill                   
Hole In The Sky          Overkill                   "Rotten To The Core - The
Heaven And Hell          Overkill                   "W.F.O." (Track 98, only CD)
Iron Man                 Ozzy Osbourne w/Therapy?   Nativity In Black (Sampler)
Planet Caravan           Pantera                    "Far Beyond Driven" & 
                                                    "Planet Caravan" (Maxi-CD)
N.I.B.                   Pitch Shifter              Masters Of Misery (Sampler)
The Wizard               Pride And Glory            "Guitar's Practicing 
                                                     Musicians Volume III" CD,
                                                    Japan "Pride & Glory" CD
Disturbing The Priest    Psychotic Waltz            "Weird Thoughts Volume I -
                                                     The Ultimate Heavy Metal
Hand Of Doom             Reverend                   "World Won't Miss You" (CD
War Pigs                 Sacred Reich               Eternal Masters (Sampler)
                                                    & "Surf Nicaragua" EP
War Pigs (live)          Sacred Reich               "Alive At The Dynamo" EP
The Wizard               Scorn                      Masters Of Misery (Sampler)
Tomorrow's Dream         Screaming Trees            "Dollar Bill" (Maxi)
Paranoid (live)          Sepultura                  "Welcome To The End
                                                    Of The World" (Bootleg)
Symptom Of The Universe  Sepultura                  Nativity In Black (Sampler)
Iron Man                 Sir-Mix-Alot               "Swass"
Snowblind                Sleep                      Masters Of Misery (Sampler)
Black Sabbath            Sort Sol                   The Legacy 1990 (Sampler)
Into The Void (Sealth)   Soundgarden                "Badmotorfinger/SOMMS" &
                                                    "Jesus Christ Pose" (single)
                                                    "Outshined" (European 
Paranoid                 The Clay People            Eternal Masters (Sampler)
Iron (Wo)Man             The Mobile Whorehouse      The Legacy 1990 (Sampler)
Children Of The Grave    Trouble                    "R.I.P." (Bootleg CD)
Iron Man                 Trouble For Nora           "Trouble 4 Nora"
Paranoid                 Type O Negative            "Origin of the Feces" EP
Paranoid (live)          Type O Negative            "Express Yourself"(Bootleg)
Black Sabbath            Type O Negative            Nativity In Black (Sampler)
Sweet Leaf               Ugly Kid Joe               "As Ugly As They Wanna Be"
N.I.B.                   Ugly Kid Joe               Nativity In Black (Sampler)
Planet Caravan           Union Carbide Productions  The Legacy 1990 (Sampler)
Megalomania              Venom                      "Prime evil"
N.I.B.                   White Saints               The Legacy 1990 (Sampler)
Children Of The Grave    White Zombie               Nativity In Black (Sampler)
Sweet Leaf               Zonk                       The Legacy 1990 (Sampler) 

Songs covered live but any known recording:

Song                     Band                       when
Paranoid                 Angelwitch                 1980, 1981 and 1988
Electric Funeral         Brutality                  11/02/1995, Berlin, Germany
Sweet Leaf               Cathedral                  1992, Rock Hard X-Mas Festival
Paranoid                 Count Raven                1987 +
The Wizard               Dweezel Zappa (guitar), 
                         his brother (vocals), John 1995 on Conan O'Briens
                         Tess (keyboards)           "Late Nite" show                       
Sweet Leaf               Fight                      12/07/1993, San Francisco 
Symptom Of The Universe  Fight                      1993
Black Sabbath            Grave Digger               4/7/1984, Hamburg, Germany
Black Sabbath            Megadeth                   1990, Berlin, Germany
Children Of The Grave    Metallica                  *
Symptom Of The Universe  Metallica                  *
Supernaut                Ministry                   Lollapalooza
Fairies Wear Boots       Phantom Blue               1994
Iron Man                 Pride And Glory            Live At Donnington 1994
War Pigs                 Pride And Glory            Live At Donnington 1994
Disturbing The Priest    Psychotic Waltz            1991
Heaven And Hell          Solitude Aeturnus          1995
Symptom Of The Universe  Sepultura                  1993
Hole In The Sky          Warrior Soul
Black Sabbath            Widespread Panic           10/31/1992, Athens, GA
Sweet Leaf               Widespread Panic           10/31/1992, Athens, GA
* I saw a bootleg with that songs, but can't remember anything
+ on tape available

Songs somehow related to Black Sabbath:

Song                     Band                       comments
"The Merits of Black     Henry Rollins              also goes through the
Sabbath" (spoken word                               lyrics of "Iron Man" line
album)                                              by line
"Black Sabbath"          Mekong Delta               Song about Black Sabbath, 
                                                    released on album "Mekong
"Rhymin' and Stealin'"   Beastie Boys               "Sweet Leaf" riff is used,
                                                    released on "Licensed To
"The Ballad Of Richard   Furnaceface                The song is about a young
 Iommi"                                             teen obsessed with Tony
                                                    Iommi. Released on "This
                                                    Will Make You Happy" Album.
"I Am Santa Claus"       Bob Rivers and Twisted     A christmas song done to 
                         Radio                      the tune of Iron Man. It's
                                                    available on River's
                                                    "second" Christmas album 
                                                    that's titled "I am Santa

Black Sabbath covering tunes:

Song                     Original done by           available on
Evil Woman               Crow                       "Black Sabbath" Album
                         the song was also played   (eurpean release only)
                         by 'Ike & Tina Turner'
                         under the title 'Evil Man'
Blue Suede Shoes (live)  Elvis Presley              "Archangel" Do-LP,
                         written by Carl Perkins    "Archangel Rides Again" CD
                                                    & "Impressions From The
                                                    Past" CD (all bootlegs)
Warning                  Aynsley Dunbar's 
                         Retaliation (only as 7"
                         released 1968)             "Black Sabbath" Album
???                      Apache                     Tony Iommi mentioned that
                                                    they had covered some songs
                                                    during their first tour in
                                                    Eastern Europe in 1989
Blow On A Jug            Nitty Gtritty Dirt Band    Mysterious Track at the
	                                            end of 'The Writ', on US
                                                    and UK vinyl version of
                                                    'Sabotage' only


"Masters Of Misery - Black Sabbath: An Earache Tribute"  (TFCK - 88607)
is a compilation of Black Sabbath tunes covered. Japan only release!
Earache Records, under exclusive license to Toys Factory Records, Japan.

"Nativity In Black - A Tribute To Black Sabbath" (CT 66335) Columbia Records
is a compilation of Black Sabbath tunes covered. Available also as a DO-LP.

"Eternal Masters - A Tribute to Black Sabbath" (P2 53776) Priority Records
is a compilation of Black Sabbath tunes covered. At this time, US only release.

"The Legacy 1990 - The Sabbath Continues" (FREQ LP 004) Frequent Frenzy
is a compilation of Black Sabbath tunes covered. 

15. Chart Positions
 Highest chart positions of Black Sabbath albums:
   year      album              UK          Germany     USA     others
   1970   Black Sabbath          8                       23
   1970   Paranoid               1             2         12
   1971   Master Of Reality      5             5          8
   1972   Volume 4               8                       13
   1974   Sabbath Bloody 
          Sabbath                4            49         11
   1975   Sabotage               7                       28
   1976   We Sold Our Soul For
          Rock'n'Roll           35
   1976   Technical Ecstasy     13
   1978   Never Say Die         12
   1980   Heaven And Hell        9                       28 
   1980   Live At Last           6
   1980   Paranoid (re-issue)   54
   1981   Mob Rules             12                       29
   1983   Live Evil             13                       37
   1983   Born Again             4                       39
   1986   Seventh Star          27
   1987   The Eternal Idol      66
   1989   Headless Cross        31          Top 20
   1990   Tyr                   24            12 
   1992   Dehumanizer                         13
   1994   Cross Purposes                      33
   1994   Nativity in Black                              50      35 (Finland)

 Highest chart positions of Black Sabbath singles:

   year      single              UK          Germany     USA     others
   1970    Paranoid               4                       61 
   1978    Never Say Die         21
   1980    Paranoid (re-issue) TOP 30
   1980    Die Young           TOP 30 
   1980    Neon Knights        TOP 30 


Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Master Of Reality, Volume 4, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
and Heaven And Hell has sold over 1.000.000 units in the USA. Mob Rules has
sold over 500.000 units in the USA.

16. Black Sabbath songs not played in concert

Due to an Tony Iommi Interview in "Black Sabbath Appreciation Society Newsletter
Volume 4" these songs were never played live between 1968 and 1990:

 Planet Caravan, FX, St. Vitus Dance, Am I Going Insane (Radio), She's Gone,
 Breakout, Wishing Well, Over And Over, Ancient Warrior, Nightmare, Lost
 Forever, Kill In The Spirit World, Nightwing, Solitude, Who Are You, It's
 Alright, Air Dance, Swining The Chain, Walk Away, In Memory, Hard Life To
 Love, Scarlet Pimpernel, The Eternal Idol, Black Moon, Cloak And Dagger.

 Supertzar, Fluff, E5051 and The Gates Of Hell are only heard at live shows
 on tape.

In the last tours since 1990 they haven't played from current albums:

 Virtual Death, Dying For Love, Back To Eden, Cardinal Sin, Evil Eye, What's 
 The Use, Letters From Earth, Sins Of The Father, Too Late, Buried Alive,
 Jerusalem, The Battle Of Tyr, Odin's Court, Valhalla, Feels Good to Me,
 Heaven in Black.

17. Famous Quotes

"What happened to Technical Ecstasy sales wise?"
"I think it entered the Mongolian chart at 301"                 Ozzy - 1978

"Yeah, I was with Jethro Tull for three weeks, so what?"        Tony - 1971

"Why shouldn't I tamper around with Sabbath songs. I'm the
 singer now, and forgive me for saying so, I'll do things
 my own damn way."                                               Dio - 1980

"Well I quite like him really. But Tony has nicked all my
 Sinatra albums. Where do you think he gets all his riffs
 from?"                                                       Geezer - 1975

"What was your worst nightmare?"
"When Ozzy was in the band -uups- sorry, joking about."         Tony - 1990

"We were starving, literally starving. If it hadn't been for
 Tony's mum, I don't think we would have survived at all. She
 used to make up all the sandwiches and give us cigs."          Ozzy - 1985

"People keep calling us a teenybop band, thinking that we only
 appeal to people below the age of twenty. It's not true, we
 get a lot of heads at our concerts these days. "             Geezer - 1972

"I joined the band to travel, not to become a rock and roll
 star. I didn't even think about making a record when we made
 the first album. I was just pleased to be able to say: 'look
 mum, look what I've made - my voice on a piece of plastic
 forever'."                                                     Ozzy - 1974

When asked what the most outstanding moment in Sabbath's ten 
year history was, Geezer replied: "When Villa won the League Cup". 1978

"Geezer's only decision he made was in a restaurant between a
 sandwich or a beer."                                            Dio - 1983

"We're never going to split. We couldn't be more together now, 
 because we love each other and because we dig each others
 music both individually and as a group."                       Bill - 1973

"They say we're a hard band. It makes you sick."                Ozzy - 1973

"Geezer's got an incredible mind, he can say things for 
 everybody that we can't say. Y'know like the words of the
 songs - he say's everything for the band."                     Tony - 1974

"You've got to be a commando to play the States."               Bill - 1973

"I've been visiting a psychiatrist for some time now. He plays
 mind games. He asks things like 'do you masturbate'? and I say
 'do you breathe?'."                                            Ozzy - 1975

"Musically, they are completely uncompromising, and would
 rather starve than sell out to more commercial forms of music."
                                               Vertigo Press Release - 1970

Apparently Ozzy once referred to Sabbath Mk.3 as "Geezer Butler
and the three Italians".

"Black Sabbath 1994? Better known as 'Electric Sabbath Orchestra'
 or Black Purple."                                               Dio - 1993

Allan Jones a former Melody Maker journalist who once deservedly
left the full weight of a shattering hook from Iommi for 
continually slagging Sabbath, once described Tony as looking like
a "gypsy violinist in an Earls Court pizza parlour, or more 
accurately, like the Italian contestant in next years Eurovision
Song Contest". No wonder Tony thumped him!

"So it's great to be able to do this [playing 'Sabbath Bloody
 Sabbabth' live]. I mean even he [Tony Martin] can't sing!"      Tony - 1994

18. Band stories

Famous story that happened during the recordings for 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'
was when Black Sabbath went to an old english castle where the planned to
perform and mabye to record a little bit.
Strange things happened in the first night. Ozzy felt asleep in a room with
a fireplace. A piece of burning coal felt off the fireplace and the whole room
starts to burn. Ozzy escaped in the last minute. Later on they saw an unknown
person which walked in a room. They followed him but the room was empty and
only door out was locked from the inside. The Ozzy, Geezer, Bill and Tony 
started to tell each other horrifiying stories.
In the end all where so scared that they had to leave the castle the same night.

19. Bands who have opened for Black Sabbath

1973  Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Tour USA: Montrose and Mahogany Rush (?)
1975  Sabotage Tour USA              : Kiss, Target (?)
1977  Technical Ecstasy Tour         : Ramones, also Reo Speedwagon and 
1978/ Never Say Die Tour             : Van Halen, (In LA both Van Halen and
1979                                   Black Sabbath opened for Boston at the
                                       Hard Rock Festival)
1980  Black'n'Blue Tour USA          : Blue Oyster Cult (co-Headliner), Molly
                                       Hatchet and Riot
1981  Mob Rules Tour USA             : Alvin Lee (Largo Maryland), Outlaws 
                                       (Longbeach, CA, '82)
1983  Born Again Tour USA            : Lita ford, Quiet Riot (Portland)
1986  Seventh Star Tour USA          : Anthrax (first part), W.A.S.P. (second
1989  Headless Cross tour USSR       : Girlschool
1989  Headless Cross Tour Europe     : Axxis
1989  Headless Cross Tour USA        : Metal Church, Kingdom Come, Silent Rage
1990  TYR Tour Europe                : Circus Of Power
1992  Dehumanizer Tour Europe        : Testament (not on every gig)
1992  Dehumanizer Tour USA           : Skew Siskin, Exodus, some gigs also 
                                       included Danzig (Chicago, IL) or Prong
                                       (Boston; New York City), Slik Toxik
1992  Superrock In Mannheim          : Helloween, Slayer, Testament, W.A.S.P.,
                                       The Almighty
1992  Costa Mesa Shows               : Sepultura
1994  Cross Purposes Tour Europe     : Cathedral, Godspeed
1994  Cross Purposes Tour USA        : Morbid Angel, Motoerhead
1994  South America, supporting 
      Kiss                           : Slayer
1994  Provinssi Rock (June 11th 1994): Scottish Sex Pistols, Andy McCoy

20. Important dates in history of Black Sabbath

    Friday, 13th February 1970 - release date of their self-titled debut.

21. Black Sabbath equipment info

 Tony Iommis rack contained 1994:
  Korg DT-1 (Tuner), Aris-Power-Conditioner, Pete-Cornish-Switching-System,
  2 x Marshall 9001 (Roehren Preamps), DigiTech IPS-33B (Pitch Shifter),
  Alesis-Quadra Verb, Boss RCE-10 (Chorus-Ensemble) BOSS RGE-110 (Equalizer),
  3 x Korg SDD-1000 (Digital Delays), DigiTech MEQ Dual-14 (programable
 On 'Cross Purposes' he used:
  Jay Dee, Gibson, Washburn, Fender, Guild, Godin, Steinberger, guitar strings
  by La Bella. Guitar amps by: Laney, Marshall, Peavey. Effects by DigiTech.

 Geezer Butler used:
  Vigier, Status, Spector, bass strings by La Bella. Bass amps by Marshall,
  Ampeg, EV Speakers. Effects by DigiTech.

 Geoff Nicholls used:
  Peavey and Korg keyboards.

 Bobby Rondinelli used:
  Yamaha Drums, Paiste Cymbols & Gongs, Remo Drum Heads, Capella sticks.

22. Black Sabbath music transcriptions

             Black Sabbath - We Sold Our Soul For Rock'n'Roll
         (Hal Leonard Guitar RECORDED VERSIONS with Notes & Tabs)

                  HP Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
       7777 West Bluemond Road, P.O. Box 13819, Milwaukee, WI 53213

     Contains the transcriptions for:
       Am I Going Insane (Radio), Black Sabbath, Changes, Children Of The
       Grave, Fairies Wear Boots, Iron Man, Laguna Sunrise, N.I.B., Paranoid,
       Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Snowblind, Sweet Leaf, Tommorow's Dream,
       War Pigs, Warning, The Wizard.

           Released in 1989. Available in two different versions.

                             Songbook Black Sabbath

     Contains the transcriptions for:   
       A National Acrobat, Black Sabbath, Fairies wear Boots, Hard Road,
       Junior`s Eyes, Looking for Today, Never say die, Paranoid, Planet
       Caravan, Sabbath bloody Sabbath, Sleeping Village, Snowblind, Supernaut,
       Sweet Leaf, Under the Sun, War Pigs, Wheels of Confusion, The Wizard

   The Great Rock Songs of the Sixties and Seventies Vol. 1: Black Sabbath

     Contains the transcriptions for:   
       After Forever, A National Acrobat, Behind The Wall Of Sleep, Black
       Sabbath, Changes, Children of the Grave, Electric Funeral, Every Day
       Comes And Goes, Fairies Wear Boots, Fluff, Hand Of Doom, I don`t know
       If I`m Up Or Down, Into the Void, Iron Man, Laguna Sunrise, Looking For
       Today, Lord of the World, N.I.B., Paranoid, Planet Caravan, Rat Salad,
       Sabra Cadabra, Sleeping Village, Snowblind, Solitude, Supernaut, Sweat
       Leaf, The Straightener, The Wizard, Tomorrow`s Dream, Under the Sun,
       War Pigs

                  'Original Black Sabbath' by Steve Tarshis
         An anotated guide to the guitar techniques of Black Sabbath

     Contains the transcriptions for:      
       Sabbath bloody Sabbath, Snowblind, Black Sabbath, Junior`s Eyes,
       Supernaut, Under the Sun, Hard Road, A National Acrobat, Looking For
       Today, Never Say Die, Sweat Leaf, The Wizard, War Pigs, Paranoid,
       Fairies Wear Boots, Sleeping Village, Planet Caravan, Wheels Of

23. Official books about Black Sabbath or something compareable

The Black Sabbath Biography by Chris Welch:
 written by Chris Welch and released as a normal book and also together with
 the Box "The Sabbath Collection". Now sold out.

The Black Sabbath Comic:
 Black Sabbath #1, February 1994. Published by Rock-It Comix, Malibu Comics
 Entertainment, Inc. 5321 Sterling Center Drive, Westlake Village, CA 91361.
 $ 3.95 US and $ 5.25 in Canada.
 Content the story of Black Sabbath between 1970-1979, Tony Iommi and Geezer
 Butler Interview, Discography and Rock-Itorial.
 Contact Address: Rock-It Comix, 5321 Sterling Center Drive, Westlake Village,
 CA 91361-4613.

24. The Black Sabbath Mailing List

For submissions, "".  For questions about the
list and subscription requests, "".
These addresses appear at the end of each issue.  If you would like
to subscribe, send me your address as well as your name.

The list is run in a digest format.  Issues come out every few
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For further information, contact Michael Sullivan at:
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                                    # H #

25. Why differences between european and US releases

Evil Woman is on "foreign" (non-US) releases of Black Sabbath but not 
"domestic" (US) releases, where it is replaced by Wicked World, because 
the band did not write Evil Woman, and the rights in the US were a 
problem, one which has never been rectified.

The names like 'Luke's Wall', 'Jack the Stripper', 'The Straightener', and 
'Every Day Just Comes and Goes' on US releases are the band's name for
instrumental portions of songs.  Much like a Beethoven Symphony will have
movements, Black Sabbath songs have movements, each with a different name.  
Bassically is Geezer's solo before N.I.B., 'Wasp' is the guitar intro to 
'Behind the Wall of Sleep', etc.

26. Black Sabbath on 'ftp' sites

You can get the following tabs with 'ftp':


-rw-rw-r--  1 eserte    musicmod      1458 Feb 11  1994
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-rw-r--r--   1 Software Admin        531 May 11  1994
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-rw-r--r--   1 Software Admin        449 Jun 14 22:57 planet_caravan.lyr.gz
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-rw-r--r--   1 Software Admin        735 Jun 18 06:30
-rw-r--r--   1 Software Admin        483 Jan 14  1993 -> Black Sabbath
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-rw-r--r--   1 Software Admin       2214 Oct 16 07:05
-rw-r--r--   1 Software Admin        555 Oct  8 10:01

  pub/music/guitar/b/black_sabbath                     658                  3460                    2220                         1895                   2527               1103                         2100
planet_caravan.lyr.Z                    533                   1327                        930                           603
warpigs.crd.Z                          3122                          3293                     755

other Black Sabbath related stuff:


black.sabbath                          4611
born.again                             9231
cross.purposes                        10512
dehumanizer.                          13168
eternal.idol                           9120
greatest.hits                          5908
hand_of_doom                           1439
headless.cross                         9056
heaven.and.hell                        8179
letters_from_earth                     1116
master.of.reality                      4917
mob.rules                              8143
never.say.die                          8799
paranoid.                              4163
sabbath.bloody.sabbath                 6820
sabbath.vol4                           5475
sabotage.                              7922                           6342
technical.ecstasy                     10482
tv_crimes                              1492
tyr.                                   7655
walk_away                               941
war_pigs                                860


bs01.jpg                              35539
dehuman.jpg                           58888

27. Tony Iommi Profile

               Date Of Birth - 19th February 1948
              Place Of Birth - Aston, Birmingham, England
                    Starsign - Aquarius
                      Height - 6'2"
                      Weight - 13.5 stone
              Colour Of Hair - Black
              Colour Of Eyes - Green
          Place Of Residence - Warwickshire, England
                  Cars Owned - Mercedes
                        Pets - Two Rottweiler Dogs
                     Hobbies - Cars, Watching Films, Walking
                       Likes - Having Peace Of Mind
                    Dislikes - Smoking And Arguing
              Favourite Food - Japanese, Indian And Curry
            Favourite Drinks - Guinnes, Lager, Vodka and Orange
         Favourite Countries - USA & Hawai for visiting & UK for residing
            Favourite Cities - Los Angeles
    Favourite TV Programmers - Get Smart & Rockford Files
             Favourite Films - The Exorcist and most good horror films
             Favourite Actor - Roger Moore and Clint Eastwood
           Favourite Actress - No one in particular
              Favourite Cars - Ferrari and Lamborghini
Favourite Form Of Travelling - Driving myself otherwise flying
            Favourite Sports - Boxing and Wrestling
             Favourite Books - Lob San Rampa and Nostradamus
            Favourite Animal - Elephant
              Favourite DJ's - Alan Freeman and Tommy Vance
            Happiest Moments - When I'm getting the communication and feedback
                               from fans at concerts, it's difficult to describe
               Worst Moments - The problems with my ex-management and the 
                               divorce from my last wife.
                   Pet Hates - Getting up too early and having to travel.
  If you weren't a Guitarist 
    what would you have been - Boxer or Wrestler
            Early Influences - The Shadows & later on Django Reinhardt
             Favourite Bands - Most good 70's bands like Zepplin, Purple and
                               The Moody Blues etc.
        Favourite 80's Bands - No particular favourites although there are
                               some good ones around
        Favourite Guitarists - Brian May, Eddie Van Halen & Joe Pass
          Favourite Drummers - Cozy Powell & John Bonham
       Favourite Male Singes - Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin
    Favourite Female Singers - Anne Wilson of Heart & Barbara Streisand
      Favourite Rock Singers - Tony Martin, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan &
                               David Coverdale
  Favourite Instrument other
                 than Guitar - Piano
        3 All Time Favourite 
               Sabbath Songs - Heaven And Hell, Black Sabbath and Sabbath 
                               Bloody Sabbath
          Favourite Acoustic 
                Sabbath Song - Laguna Sunrise
Favourite News Sabbath Songs - Devil & Daughter and Headless Cross
        3 All Time Favourite
              Sabbath Albums - Black Sabbath, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and 
                               Heaven And Hell
  Favourite Own Guitar Solos - Heart Like A Wheel and at the time Lonely Is
                               The Word
             Favourite Riffs - Too many to name
     Favourite Sabbath Album 
                      Covers - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath then Heaven And Hell
  Worst Sabbath Album Covers - Sabotage and Born Again
        Favourite Country to
                  Perform In - Most Countries
    Most Memorable Years for 
              Sabbath so far - 1973 and 1980
                         Why - '73 because of the general vibes at the time 
                                   and it saw us at a good peak
                               '80 because it was a new beginning. However,
                                   this excludes the present situation which
                                   is very exciting.
  Remaining Goals To Archive - For the band to be back where it should be which
                               is in the top bracket.

Tony Iommi in "Black Sabbath Appreciation Society Newsletter Volume 2, 1989".

28. Mysterious track on Sabotage

The song appears at the end of "The Writ" on the album 'Sabotage'. The Song
is about 20 seconds long and a little Sgt.Pepper like. The text is:

                      Blow on the Jug
                      Everybody come on and blow on the jug
                      Be like me and blow on the jug
                      I want you to blow on the jug   
                      Everybody singin' blow on the jug
                      If you are blowin' . . .

Sadly enough the song doesn't appear on every 'Sabotage' version. You can hear
him only on the US and UK vinyl version! Mark Jones (the secretary of Bill Ward)
wrote the following: "Blowing On A Jug" was a little bit that was added to the
end of one of the albums ['Sabotage']. It was Bill singing and playing the piano
and was just something that the engineer caught during a session and it was
put into the album. I'm not sure if it was the first time Bill had been caught
singing on an album. He has sung "Swining The Chain" and "It's Alright".
The song is originally done by Nitty Gtritty Dirt Band.

29. Who is doing the singing on "Swinging The Chain"

The vocals on "Swinging The Chain" ('Never Say Die', 1978) are definitely
done by Bill Ward. That is mentioned by Mark Jones (the secretary of Bill
Ward) in a french Black Sabbath Fanzine "Thanks God It's Sabbath Volume 6"
and by Tony Iommi in "Guitar World", Volume 13 No.8, August 1992 (look at
'Prime Cuts With Tony Iommi').

30. Tony Iommi's fingers of his right hand

When Tony Iommi used to work in a factory of some kind, his job was to pass
hunks of metal to someone who used a machine to punch holes in the metal
or cut it up or something like that... One day when the other guy didn't
turn up, Tony tried to use the machine and cut the ends off his fingers -
he took the bits to hospital where they said they couldn't do anything fory
him. Not dismayed, Tony went home and  repaired his fingers with molten
plastic from an old washing-up liquid bottle, in true Blue Peter spirit.
He had to do so because playing without the ends of his finders was to

31. Sideprojects and guest appearance of Black Sabbath members

       DIAMOND HEAD - Death And Progress

       Tony Iommi plays a guitar solo on the first track.

       FORCEFIELD - Forcefield (1987, Vemsa, VLP-267 [E-30.1479], President)

       Drums: Cozy Powell, Guitar: Ray Fenwick, Lead Vocals: Pete Prescott,
       Bass: Mo Foster, Keyboards: Nick Magnus and Ray Fenwick, Backing
       Vocals: Barry St. John
       Guest appearance: Neil Murray (bass) and Chris Cozens (keyboards)

       FORCEFIELD II - The Talisman (1988, Vemsa, VLP-330 [E-30.1756],

       Drums: Cozy Powell, Guitar: Ray Fenwick and Jan Akkerman, Keyboards:
       Chris Cozens, Bass: Lawrence Cottle, Vocals: Tony Martin and Barry
       St. John

       GUITAR SPEAK ('No Speak' Label, Cat No EIRSA 1025)

       An instrumental sampler only with gitarrists. Tony Iommi appears with
       one track called 'Miranha' which means 'Goddess Of Death'.	

       KERMIT - Kermit Unpigged

       Ozzy Osbourne recorded together with Miss Piggy the classic Steppenwolf
       track 'Born To Be Wild' for that sampler.

       LITA FORD - Lita

       Lita Fords comeback album from 1988 includes a duet with Ozzy Osbourne
       and the beautiful ballade 'Close My Eyes Forever'. This song was also
       released as single which reach the US Top 10 Single Charts.

       MOTOEHEAD - March Or Die 
       Lemmy and Ozzy Osbourne are singing together the track 'Ain't No Nice

       BILL WARD - Ward One: Along The Way

       Bill Wards first solo album includes guest appearance by Ozzy Osbourne
       on two tracks.

       BIOHAZARD - After Forever

       The video for that song shows Bill Ward together with Biohazard.

       QUEEN - Freddy Mercury Tribute Concert

       Tony Iommi had a small guest appearcance on that conert. He played the
       main riff for one song.       

32. Did you know?

    (by Pete Sarfas)

    That Sabbath planned to do an opera based on "Iron Man".

    That for a joke, Tony once squirted lighter fuel over Bill Ward's legs
    and set fire to them.

    That Tony was attacked on stage in Memphis with a knife.

    That "Blood God" was a possible albu title that was considered for use
    instead of "The Eternal Idol".

    That Toony Iommi used to manage several bands during the '70s including
    Judas Priest and Medicine Head.

    That ex Jesus Christ Superstar Geoff Fenolt was auditioned by Tony Iommi
    before Glenn Hughes for the 'Seventh Star' vocals.

    That Geoff Nicholls wrote the the bass lines to the song 'Heaven And Hell'
    and also wrote most of the lyrics to the songs on the 'Seventh Star' 

33. Thanks list

I like to thank for help:
   Joseph Michael Mallon,
   Pete Sarfas (ex-Black Sabbath Appreciation Society)
   Andreas Lange, Berlin
   Tapio Keihanen,
   Michael Sullivan, 
   Robert Bartz,
   Leonid Makarovsky,
   Alain M. Gaudrault,
   Norman R. Nithman 
   Steven Aric Weinberg 
   Pete Scott 
   Hilmar Ransch, Germany
   Charlie Setzwein, Germany